Project 365 – Week 21

Another week, again? How do these weeks go by so quickly?? This week has brought more nice Spring weather, usually the high 60s, a little up and down on the meltdown front, oh and Homer had some meltdowns, too. 😉 Family, fun, and friends. That’s what it’s all about, right? Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 143 | May 23, Fri – We saw Tank today! This turned out to be the best pic I got of the two pups. I like Homer’s feet in here too.

Day 144 | May 24, Sat – I went to a friend’s get together this morning to learn about making homemade soaps! I’m excited to use this, and to try making my own now that I have the recipes. 😀

Day 145 | May 25, Sun – My niece just graduated college (!) and she and her boyfriend, whose name is also Joe, came to visit as they passed through Seattle on their way to Hawaii. Jet setters, these two! Homer loved meeting his cousin, Crissa, and her boyfriend, Joe, and we had a great dinner together. It was amazing seeing them!! The last time I saw Crissa, she was a young teenager. And now here she is, a grown woman, starting her first job post-college. I’m really excited for her! Hopefully it won’t be so long before we see them again!!

Here’s us at dinner ~

And here’s Crissa with her Uncle Joe and her new biggest fan, Homer ~

Day 146 | May 26, Mon – I decided to cut Homer’s hair on the balcony. He looks pretty dubious, but I guess I can’t blame him, considering the number of times I told him, “You’re going to have to hold still, Mommy’s never done this before…” But hey, I think it turned out okay! I miss his longer locks, though. I’m kind of looking forward to it growing in a bit!

Day 147 | May 27, Tues – Homer woke up early and said, “Let’s go to the zoo!” So we did! Here’s a pic of the jaguar behind the waterfall in his exhibit.

Day 148 | May 28, Wed – Play date at Alanna’s house! Homer and her son, Nolan, play so well together!! And we got some much needed outdoor time, laughter, sun-soaking-up time, and the puppies played like crazy too. This pic isn’t the best, but it makes me smile. Here’s Roo, trying to climb into my lap, and Ashton looking at me like, “Hey, what is going on here??” So funny! Also, the fact that I couldn’t get a good shot of any of them speaks to the fact that they are never still long enough for me to do so! Then again, with all the sunshine and great conversation, I admit photography was not my focus that day! It was a wonderful day that felt like I filled my soul up with sunshine! 😀


It was especially needed after a rough night the night before. Homer and I were both just extremely grouchy and angry with each other all evening, and it was hard. Lots of hitting (him hitting me) and negotiating (him trying to convince me to give him his toys back, the ones he hit me with! They remained on top of the fridge until the next day), snapping, and apologizing (both of us). Rough times. We were both in tears at some point. The only good thing about nights like that is the determination to regroup the next day and do better. So the fun in the sun, the relaxed vibe of the day, and dedicating myself to remaining calm and present really helped. The caramel frappuccino didn’t hurt, either!

Here’s another fun pic of Nolan with all 3 doggies (J and Roo are his, Ash is mine) 🙂

And here’s Homer after our drive back home. I love my boy!! ❤

Day 149 | May 29, Thurs – Daddy and Homer Ninja Turtles!! We didn’t end up buying these, because Homer really wanted “a REAL con-tar that plays real music!” (Guitar) We got him a Mickey Mouse one. Pics of that to come next week, probably! I’m so excited that he gets excited about music. I hope he always loves it!

And bonus, look at my pretty coffee the barista guy, Jake, made me at my favorite local coffee house ~

Coffee art! It always brings a smile to my face. 🙂

This is a caramel mocha and a french toast muffin. It was even better than it looks, too. No kidding! Yay for Soul Food Coffee House!!!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

= = = = = = =

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8 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 21”

  1. Meg, keep these coming! I know I speak for everyone when I say that we don’t always comment, but we always love your postings. Hey, does Homer have green socks on his arms in the sleeping picture? I LOVE IT!!! Wish I could share that coffee and yummy muffin with you. I miss our coffee adventures. Homer is such a big lad now. 🙂 You’re doing a great job, Mama. Keep it up! Love and miss you xoxoxoxoxox

    1. Oh Kaila, you are the best!! Thank you SO much for this wonderful comment!! ❤ Yes, he is wearing one of his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle socks on one arm. He took it off his foot and put it on his arm and fell asleep, haha! I wish we could share coffee adventures again too. You gotta come up here sometime and I will take you to Soul Food Coffee House! It is wonderful, they have astrology nights, live music, awesome books and scented candles and Buddha statues and incense for purchase, just amazing stuff. It's my little pagan home base these days. I haven't even been to any of their events honestly, but it makes me happy to know I could, hahaha! I want to go to the all ages family community drum circle soon, and take Mister Homer with me. I think he'd dig it! Love and miss you bunches and bunches, my wonderful Kaila!!!! ❤ xoxoxoxo

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