Catch the Moment, Week 8

Day 050 | Feb 19, Thurs – Today was a painting day! I’m pretty happy with how this came out for Homer. And he likes it, which is what counts! “For me?? Wow, a gift!” He’s so funny.
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Around Here…

Outside my window…
Not only has it been sunny and lovely outside, if we’re talking about literally outside my window, there is a birds’ nest on my balcony!!! I just realized it, too. We don’t really use the balcony at all, so it was easy to miss. Then about two days ago, I noticed it. It’s all the way at the top of the left hand side, subtly hidden away in a cozy spot between the planks of wood that make up the roof of my balcony and the underside of our neighbor, Silviya’s balcony. The best part is that we ran into Silviya yesterday and I asked if her hummingbirds have still been around, and she said yes, they’ve been coming to her feeders all Winter! I told her I thought they might be nesting on my balcony, and she was SO excited! “I’ve seen them coming from below, but didn’t know where!” she said. She immediately called her husband to share the good news with him, and he was even excited. “Well, I’ll be danged,” he is reported to have told her on the phone. So funny!

It’s Spring around here, guys! It’s so awesome. There are these pink flowered bushes that bloom each Spring, and I saw fuzzy green closed up blossoms about a week ago, sprouting from the branches. And then a few days ago, I saw bits of the pink flowers peeking out! SO exciting!!

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