Project 365 – Week 25

Week 25! We had a pretty tiring week, but got through it just fine. We’re happy it’s the weekend! Anywho, check out some of what happened this week. I guess I had a hard time choosing just one photo a day since several are collages, ha! But whatevs, I think they tell the story better. Here we go!

Day 171 | June 20, Fri – I was pretty excited to go out (by myself!) for my friend, Katie’s, birthday party! She had awesome plans of meeting up and getting drinks, doughnuts, ice cream, cupcakes, or dinner or something. And her friend, Alex, said, “why not all of the above?!” So that’s what we did! It was a fun, sugar-crazed time! Here’s Katie enjoying her cupcake and impromptu lap dance. This pic cracks me up!

Day 172 | June 21, Sat – Dog Park!! So fun getting together with Garth and Cinnamon and little Tank at the dog park! Here are Ashton, Tank, and a corgi pup named Boo that we met that day, all playing together in their usual blurry-photo way. 😉 Btw, Happy Summer Solstice!!!

Day 173 | June 22, Sun – Garth had to go to Mom’s to help her set up her new monitor, so Homer, Ashton and I headed on down, too. Here’s Garth and me!

I knew I wanted to take this pic, because I already had plans of making this collage! Same place, same people, even the same month! Just 13 years apart. Man, we look really different!! A lot has changed over the years, but I’m glad us getting together and being close siblings isn’t one of them. Love you, Garth!!

Day 174 | June 23, Mon – Homer and I had some fun times today, most of which were not photographed!! Including seeing baby goats at a local park!!! I could claim the reason there are no photos of that is that I was concentrating on spending more time living in the moment, but really, I’m notoriously bad at remembering to charge my phone, so it was just too low on power to even use the camera! Anyway, this collage is interesting to me because it’s not often I catch the EXACT MOMENT Homer gets completely sick of me taking photos. This went from excitement of playing with pretend snowball canons as we battled each other to, “Mommy, put the phone AWAY and just PLAY WITH ME!” Not pictured – the return of his bright smile as we played some more *without* any more photography. 🙂

Day 175 | June 24, Tues – Homer LOVES snow (as I’m sure you gathered from yesterday’s pretend snowball fight). He often says, “Is it going to snow? I wish it was snow outside!” He was on cloud 9 when it snowed back on his actual birthday in February. On that day, Joe collected a bunch of snow in a 2 liter Coke bottle…

Then, five months later, on a sunny day in June, as Homer lamented that it wasn’t snowing, Joe said, “Let’s have a surprise!” So we took out the snow bottle from the freezer, which was now a hard block of ice, in the shape of a Coke bottle, haha! And used a grater to shred it up into snow again. Homer loved his birthday snow surprise!! It was really a lot of fun!

Day 176 | June 25, Wed – Could today have been any crazier?! Oh my god. We had to get our shower floor resurfaced today, so we had to put plastic tarps up over all of our stuff, and then get all of us, animals included, out of the house by 9am. We took Joe to work, and Homer and I took the pets to my mom’s house. I think this day deserves a post all its own, actually… For now, here’s a pic of Homer walking Ashton at my mom’s place with his new retractable leash (that Homer is totally obsessed with!)…

Day 177 | June 26, Thurs – Today was a really lazy day. We were wiped OUT from the last few days of cleaning and prepping for the resurfacing job. I almost forgot to even take a picture. But I did remember! Here is one of the latest things Ash chewed up… Hmm. Maybe he is trying to tell us something….

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

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Project 365 – Week 24

What a fun week! Things seemed to go a lot more smoothly, overall, than last week. Ashton did very well with housetraining. As Homer explained today to Daddy’s coworkers, “Housetraining means… no poopin’ in the house!!” And Ashton did just that – No accidents all week! Homer did great using the potty a bunch, too. He’s definitely showing increased interest in using the potty, which is pretty awesome actually. Before becoming a parent, I had no idea how excited and proud I’d feel watching my kiddo learning these things, but it really is pretty darn exciting!

As for me, I had some ups and downs regarding body image and getting healthy, etc. A few days ago, I was kind of down in the dumps about it all. But today I feel good, like I really can get healthier. Sometimes these things seem so far out of reach, but right now, I feel that awesome feeling of determination and like I can and will make some great progress in being fit and healthy. I also had a pretty good week of just feeling happy, enjoying a nice slow start to summer, spending more time outdoors, and just being present and grateful each day. I love when things feel like they’re really going right!

Anyway, without further ado, here it is, our week in pictures…

Day 164 | June 13, Fri – Friday the 13th! I love Friday the 13th. Ever since I learned why it’s considered bad or evil, I’ve had a whole new perspective on it. There are 13 full moons in a year, and Friday is considered the day of the goddess. In centuries past, and in present day, too, pagans have celebrated full moons, and various goddesses, so Friday the 13th was/is a special, sacred day of goddess worship. Eventually the church started telling everyone that all things pagan were evil, so a lot of fear and superstition grew around this day. But being into pagan earth worship and goddess worship, etc, myself, I find it enchanting. 🙂

Anyway, this photo was taken on our morning walk with Ashton. I love the way those Toms shoes look on him (a wonderful hand-me-down gift from Joe’s sister, Tricia, and her son, Edmund). Homer picked them out, and we were excited to find they stayed on his (ever growing) feet! It was raining a bit, hence the hood. He just looked so cute, I had to snap this…

Day 165 | June 14, Sat – We went to a Babies, Barbeque and Birthdays party! Our friend, Ash, is pregnant, and she and her hubby’s birthdays are coming up, so we celebrated everything all together. Auntie Cinnamon was there and got some awesome bubbles going!! Homer had a great time playing with everyone, with the water, with the bubbles. The doggies were there and had fun too. It was great!

Day 166 | June 15, Sun – Happy Father’s Day!! We took Homer to his very first movie!! Before I had kids, I’d see kids in movie theaters and think, “I can’t wait to do that with my own kid one day.” And that day was today!!! We saw How to Train Your Dragons 2. It was enjoyable, but nothing can beat the first, in my opinion. Homer was amazing. He was so excited to eat popcorn and red vines! In the beginning, he said, “Hey the moon!” And “Look, he’s fishing!”


And later, at normal speaking volume, he told me, “Mommy, we’re out of popcorn.” A little while later, the mostly empty (apart from a few crumbs) popcorn tub was on his head, and all the crumbs were in his hair. So silly! Toward the end, he conked out completely as he leaned against me! Even missing the end of it, he really liked going to the movies, and I’m so glad we all had such a great time going together.

Day 167 | June 16, Mon – We had to go to Discount Tire and get all new tires today. Homer had fun in the waiting area. He loves water fountains. Mostly, I took this because, look how tall he is!!! I can hardly believe it. He seems so grown up at moments like these. Then again, he is on his tippie toes. At least he has to reach a little bit still! 😉

Day 168 | June 17, Tues – Strawberry picking! It was really fun! We went for the first time last year, and were glad to go this year too.

I also like this shot:

Day 169 | June 18, Wed – Today one of my moms’ groups hosted a Messy Play Date! It was pretty awesome. Here’s Homer handling some cooked, wet, green and glittered noodles that he was enjoying tossing with other willing participants! Too funny!

Day 170 | June 19, Thurs – Homer, Ashton, and I had lunch at Daddy’s workplace today. It was a lot of fun. Homer is so outgoing with all of Joe’s coworkers, and told Cara, “Come on, let’s battle!!” So this is them, battling! 😉 She’s awesome!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

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Project 365 – Week 23

It’s kind of alarming how quickly the weeks fly by!! I think to myself, oh I should work on sorting out my photos for my 365 project and I’ll already be ahead. And then I realize, oh wait, it’s Thursday, I’m not ahead, I’m just… exactly on time. Or I’ll suddenly realize it’s Friday and I haven’t done anything with the photos!!

Anyway, it’s good to still be enjoying this project. Reflecting on the week and seeing the highlights of what we’ve been up to, then piecing it all together… it’s actually a lot of fun!

For me, this was a hard week. I was not feeling well and trying really hard to remain patient (and failing at times) while trying to care for Homer and Ashton both. (Tails has been pretty easy, so that’s a relief!) Fun times with friends definitely boosted our spirits and I’m starting to feel a lot better too, so I think we’re back on the upswing. Here are the fun moments from our (somewhat trying) week… (It’s cool to see so much good even when things didn’t always feel that awesome, you know what I mean?)

Day 157 | June 6, Fri – So I completely forgot to take real pictures for a few days! Luckily I was playing Tomodachi Life enough that I got some screen caps. So here’s a pic of my islanders celebrating having 10 residents. That’s my mom, Homer, Ren, Joe and me. Did I mention I love this game?

Day 158 | June 7, Sat – And here’s my pop band, the Soda Pops! 😀 That’s me in the front, and my background singers are Joe, Kaila, Luigi (from Mario Bros.), and Sarah.

Day 159 | June 8, Sun – All right, back to real pics! Still just with my camera phone, maybe someday soon I can pick up my Canon again. But for now, I’m happy just to be keeping up with this project! It’s just too easy the way my phone uploads to a website where I can transfer the photos, number them, and stick ’em in a blog post. There’d be at least two more steps if I used my Canon. ;P Anyway, here’s Homer, having dumped his entire stuffed animal collection onto his bed and playing with his one chickie in the stuffed animal bin. He is so funny! He’s wearing his birthday shirt too, the one I made him. I’m glad he likes it. 🙂

Day 160 | June 9, Mon – Monday morning, I decided to take my little guy out to breakfast! This is the most he’s ever colored on one of these kids’ menus. We had some yummy IHOP pancakes. Homer loved testing out the flavored syrups! He ate 4 of those silver dollar pancakes and a piece of bacon! That’s a huge breakfast for him. I love going out to eat with my Homer!

Day 161 | June 10, Tues – My sweet Ashton! I think this is one of the better pictures I’ve taken of him. I’m glad I got this pic on this day, because honestly, it was just the worst day; I had ultra high anxiety because Ash had diarrhea all over the carpet and Homer had already had the worst tantrums that morning, and I had to deal with doctor’s appointments because I wasn’t feeling great, and… it was just a *hard* day. Recognizing how cute my sweet dog is through the lens of my camera definitely helped me feel better! (And his tummy seems better, too, thank goodness!)

Day 162 | June 11, Wed – Play date at our friends’ house! These boys and their mamas are awesome people. We always have a really wonderful time here. And it’s great that Ashton can play with the doggies and have his own play date, too! 🙂 A much, much better day than yesterday!!

Day 163 | June 12, Thurs – My little loves all sitting together first thing in the morning…

Then we went to our friend, Larissa’s, house and painted and raced wooden cars together!

And before we left, Homer completely fell in love with the wonders of the Slinky!!

We actually bought a metal slinky that same day since Homer was so infatuated, and it has already been completely demolished! Going to go on the hunt for a plastic slinky sometime, preferably rainbow colored like Larissa and Ev’s!! Wish us luck! 😉

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

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Project 365 – Week 22

What a crazy week! I felt kinda cruddy for the past several days, but luckily, we’ve had a lot of fun times to carry us through, as well. Here are the highlights from this week…

Day 150 | May 30, Fri – My little Buddha, sitting in the lotus flower climbing thing in the mall! So funny. If you tell him, “Be a Buddha,” he’ll do this, wherever he is. 🙂

Day 151 | May 31, Sat – We had a yard sale at a friend’s house. I made five whole dollars, lol! And Homer got to play in the sprinkler with some little buddies. It was a really fun day! It was warm out, but the water was cold, hence Homer’s expression here:

It was a fun long day in the outdoors, so here are some other pics I also really wanted to include…

I loved the late afternoon setting sunlight, so took this one of Homer and Ashton ~~

Then I thought, we should take a pic together, too!

And for some reason, this cute fuzzy little one on the playground slide just made me really feel like Summer is here…

Day 152 | June 1, Sun – We went to a lovely Druid ritual in the city, but got there pretty late. I’m glad we got to be there for part of it at least. This is one of the offering tables.

As we got back in the car, I saw signs that said Ballard. I hadn’t even realized we were in Ballard, but once I did, I looked up Full Tilt ice cream shop and went on over there with Homer. This is all Auntie Cinnamon’s artwork on the walls! And the ice cream is amazing. 😀

Then, that afternoon, we went out with Garth to the dog park with the puppies!!!

Day 153 | June 2, Mon – Soap hat!

Day 154 | June 3, Tues – Tuesday, we went out to “the squishy place!” They have lots of squishy boats to climb on and a squishy floor. Poor Homer was bitten by another kid, and was so sad and hurt over it (feelings hurt and hurt-hurt). But then, our friends joined us, and that cheered him up!! Cupcakes also helped. 😉 Homer really likes his little friend so much!

Day 155 | June 4, Wed – We went to our friend, Sarah’s, house for a canning party! People brought all sorts of stuff to try, and we made LOTS of jars of apple rhubarb jam and apple cider vinegar. I say “we” but it’s really “they.” I don’t know any of this stuff!!!! It was really fun to watch, and to eat. I love people who know food! I have so much to learn, and it’s great to learn it from kind, fun people like these!

I also love that people brought their cutie pie babies!! (Ashton loved all the kids!)

Here’s Homer building a tower…

And I love the colors of all these toys…

Not pictured… My whole family going crazy. Homer got naked in the backyard, Ashton found and ate some random poop (Sarah has no pets, no idea where that came from!), and needed a bath since it was in his teeth and paws. Then Homer had the most epic screaming meltdown, which I felt really guilty about since he was just over tired. I should’ve left at least an hour earlier than I did. Poor guy! Anyway, in spite of all the craziness, it really was a super fun day!!

Day 156 | June 5, Thurs – We got the new game, Tomodachi Life for 3DS, and I’m so excited!! I love it! My island is called Puppy Island, and I am having the best time making and putting my friends into the game. Here is the Mii of my wonderful friend, Kaila. 😀 (Hi, Kaila!) Here she is propelling herself into outer space from the sheer excitement of eating her all-time favorite food (according to the game anyway), pancakes!! lol This game is so weird and hilarious. I love it!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

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