About Me

Hi!  Welcome to Particlewoman! I’m Meg, and I’m happy you’re here!


So, if you’ve clicked on the “about me” link, you must want to know some stuff about me, right? All right, let’s get to know each other, then! Let’s see, I like candlelit dinners, long walks on the beach… wait! This isn’t that type of getting to know you!

All right, all right. Diving in, then!

I used to be a zookeeper and a dog trainer. I am currently a volunteer at my local zoo.

Local = Seattle. I grew up in Texas (but my parents are both from Philadelphia, so I speak like them – no Southern accent or anything), then spent many, many years in California (mostly Los Angeles, some years in and around San Francisco, too), and have been in Washington close to 5 years now.

Coffee makes me happy (drip coffee with coconut milk creamer, or caramel lattes). Also: purring cats, snuggly dogs, kisses from my kid, singing, watching wild animals, photography, and so on.

I am a left leaning liberal hippie chick.

I use a lot of profanity in my day to day life, and it appears in my writing as well.

I’m Pagan. Kind of more of an atheist Pagan.

We’re a geeky family – video games, Dungeons & Dragons, lots of tv, movies, books, and board games.

I love science!

And puns! And corny jokes!

Music is important to me. I play flute.

I am learning Spanish and want to learn American Sign Language as well.

I’m a writer. I’m working on two novels right now. Feel free to ask me about them – maybe it’ll give me the kick in the pants I need to finish them up!

I love life. It’s so complex and beautiful. It’s overwhelming, heart wrenching, sometimes stupid and exhausting, and then beautiful all over again. Being human is really weird. I like it.

I’ve been married to my husband, Joe, for 15 years, and we have an amazingly wonderful son named Homer, who was born in Feb 2011. We also have a sweet and crazy cat named Tails, and a goofball little dog named Ashton, and a tiny leopard gecko named Amy.

So Meg, what is this blog all about, anyway?

Ah, well thank you for asking! I’ve kept a diary for most of my life and discovered online journals in my later high school years. I’ve tried almost every blogging platform out there over the years, because I love it, reading about others’ lives, sharing about my own. Our words connect our experiences, even across the country, or across the world. It’s pretty amazing!

This current blog began as a way to post photos for a 365 project, which I started as a way to use creativity to heal from the grief of the miscarriage I went through in 2013. Since then, I’ve shared a lot of photos! But I also want to continue sharing thoughts, experiences, and even more photos. Because, photos!

Some stuff you’ll find here at Particlewoman ~~

Stories. Stories about life. Pets. Kids. Ups and downs. Stories, to me, are the heart of life. So this site is a place to share, where hopefully people can read and connect, and share their own stories too. If you ever feel moved to leave a comment and share with me on any of my entries, I hope you’ll do so. I love connecting with others!


Photography. I started this blog as a place to keep my daily photos during my 365 photo projects. I did really well in 2014, and fell right off the wagon in 2015, and in 2016, I posted regularly from Jan 1 through October.

Now, in 2017, I’m still posting photos, but at a slower pace. And now I’m posting with my first DSLR! I’m so excited!

Crafty Stuff. Sometimes I make stuff, and sometimes I even write about it!

Anxiety. It sucks, but it’s a part of life. I hope that if you struggle with it, too, that reading about my experiences will help in some way, if only to remind you that you’re not alone (a common fear with anxiety, I’ve found!).

Parenthood. I love being a mom. Attachment parenting, gentle parenting, and natural type parenting (ish) are all things you can expect to read about on this site. I also enjoy writing about simple ways to connect with your kids, and activities you can do together, so keep an eye out for those.

Welcome to my site and enjoy your stay! Subscribe to my entries and drop me a line to say hello. And have an awesome day!

Me with my sweet boy
Me with my sweet boy

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