Project 365 – Week 8

Day 52 | Feb 21 – We made Valentine’s just a wee bit late this year! And Homer’s favorite part of using markers is using them on himself!


Day 53 | Feb 22 – Tonight, he had a miraculous bath time experience! Miraculous in that NO TEARS WERE SHED!! This is a huge change for him. The concept of “tilt your head back while I rinse your hair,” finally clicked, and it made all the difference in the world. He stayed in the tub a long time, just enjoying it. Here he is playing peek-a-boo with the shower curtain. It was really sweet!

Day 54 | Feb 23 – I am participating in a swap, and this is what I decided to put together. It’s a bag of sunshine! 😉

Day 55 | Feb 24 – Zoo day! Sarah hadn’t been in years, and Marcus never had, so we went together and had a really fun time.

Sarah took this one of Marcus and me:

Day 56 | Feb 25 – Bag of sunshine finally complete and ready for delivery, complete with sunshine-y Irish blessing that I thought fit really well!


Day 57 | Feb 26 – Homer’s first day ice skating!! I kind of wish I’d taken my “real” camera along for this. I only had my camera phone. But this is still really cute! Homer and Aubrey…


I anticipated a lot more (crazy, slippery) time on the ice, so I didn’t think I’d have an opportunity to use my regular camera. And I definitely wouldn’t have taken it onto the ice. I was as wobbly out there as Homer!! That is what happens when you don’t ice skate in six years. Well, and I was never very good to begin with, honestly. I remember the first time I ever went ice skating in Texas, I was about ten or eleven years old, and I expected to be able to do figure skating moves right off the bat. It looked so easy! I was disappointed that I spent so much time clinging to the wall. I still enjoyed it though! And while I never got great at it, I always had fun, and did eventually skate well enough to not need wall support.

Homer asked this morning when we arrived, “Will Daddy be watching us on tv? Puh-cuz we’re on the ‘Lympics?” I explained that no, we weren’t quite ready for the Olympics, and our skating would not be televised, but we could tell Daddy all about it once we picked him up.

Homer did great on the ice, not getting too discouraged when he fell down. It was only after about the sixth time that he was over it, and began crawling out of the rink. We picked him up (a nice lady we were with, Theresa, helped me help him, because I was already having foot pain! Ice skating is hard!!), and took a break, and then he never wanted to go back onto the ice, so we called it a day and went out to lunch where these two had a blast…


She said, “Homer is my prince!” So freaking cute!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

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Project 365 – Week 7

Day 45 – Happy Valentine’s Day!! I didn’t get a good Valentine pic, sadly, even though Homer and I were both wearing red today and everything!! I cleaned and organized much of the day and just totally forgot. Oh, well. Here’s a pic from night time birthday preparations, staying up late frosting the mushroom cupcakes for my little guy’s party…

EDITED TO ADD: Omg I have clearly lost my mind. Of course I took some Valentine’s pictures, and here they are (can’t believe I just completely blanked on taking these!!!)

This is Homer’s toy Goomba (that I love!), and the rose Joe brought me (that Homer broke the stem of, but it really only made it that much cuter and more charming, a teeny rose!):

And this is Homer and me together, my little Valentine 😀

Day 46 – This is my brother, Garth, and my sis-in-law, Cinnamon, with Homer. We love them so much! So happy they could come celebrate with us!!

Day 47 – IKEA day with Sarah and Marcus! It was really busy, as we forgot it was a holiday when we went. But we had a great time. Sadly, I forgot to photograph the kids or the stuff we bought or anything all that interesting. I liked this cabinet, though, so this is the best pic I have! Oops. (Crap, I’m not doing so great this week, am I?)

Day 48 – Homer and I went out on a scavenger hunt, which included puddle stomping.

We also collected our item of “something blue” with this pic:

Day 49 – Adorable pic of Joe and Homer enjoying video games together while snuggling under the blanket.

Day 50 – My brother’s game comes out Friday, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, for WiiU!! But Joe was able to get hooked up two days early, so of course we had to play it! Homer was really excited, and it’s a super fun game!!

Day 51 – Nap time! These sleeping pics just slay me. I love how sweet he looks… I just sigh happily and my heart melts. I love this kiddo! (Mario is napping, too!)

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

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Project 365 – Week 6

Day 38 – Nothing like coffee and cupcakes with a good friend to start your day

Day 39 – Homer looking at the babies.. He cracks me up! We had a lot of fun at Homer’s friend’s birthday party.

Day 40 – My baby turned 3 today! This was our very first snowman, ever, for both of us! I am from Texas, and lived most of my life there and California. And Homer was born in California. So snow is brand new to us. Homer LOVES snow, and it was a fun birthday surprise that it snowed on his birthday. I loved building this snowman with him! Though, pictures are deceiving. This pic doesn’t tell you how I spent most of my snowman building time begging him not to knock it over, and this smile was achieved when I finally acquiesced and said, all right, you can knock it down right after this picture. Hehe!

Day 41 – This freaky monkey was a toy at the dentist’s office!

And here he is having his teeth brushed by Homer… He may look a bit unsettling, but at least Homer can brush up on his dental regimen skills. (HA! See what I did there?)

Day 42 – This old style school desk is at a local coffee shop, in the kids’ play corner. Homer sat in it for the first time, and looked just too freaking cute.

Day 43 – My brother and sis-in-law’s puppy, Tank. Holy jeez, the cuteness! I love this dog. I’m so glad we got to spend a large chunk of this day with him!

Day 44 – Our entry way. I got those Command hooks for the first time and we made a spot to hang our coats. I love the way it looks all organized like this!

Hope you all had a great week, too!

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Project 365 – Week 5

Day 31 ~ Here’s one of me & Tails. This week’s theme was Self. So here’s one self portrait, to start off with.

Day 31 (again; bonus shot!) ~ This is from a snow party, which was so much fun. Snow themed snacks, fake snowball fights, just lots of fun with our friends.

Day 32 ~ Here’s Homer and his Princess Peach doll. He loves her. We were watching some streaming Mario video games on tv, too. This is how we spend some of our lazy mornings, sometimes. I love his sweet smile, and love that he loves his dolls so much. Bowser, Mario and Luigi are all well loved too.

Day 33 ~ Woohoo, Seahawks won the Super Bowl!! It was fun seeing them win it. And the excitement definitely seemed to sweep through the city as well.

Day 34 ~ Another shot for the Self theme. This is me with my CPAP mask on, so this is how I look each night when I’m sleeping (except that I usually have my eyes closed! 😉 ). Homer looked so cute still asleep when I woke up, so I wanted to get us both in. It was at a weird angle, in a way, but it turned out interesting, I think! I like it. 🙂

Day 35 ~ I took another painting class, and this is my friend, Katie! Katie is great, because we’ll all be trying to follow each little step of the class, trying to get it all “right,” and Katie just lets go and paints with her hands and very different and interesting things come up for her! If you can’t already tell from this picture, she’s a lot of fun.

Bonus photo, here’s the painting I painted! ~

Day 36 ~ Here’s my “I almost forgot to take a picture for today, so here is a late night pic of my cat, Tails” photo!

Day 37 ~ This is a practice shot for seeing what the mantle looks like for upcoming birthday photos. I plan to have a lot of decorations here and wanted to see how much of the area I could capture. And Homer just looks so cute sitting there, so thought it’d be a good one to share. That, and I’ve been really busy, so didn’t take more than this today!

But a few days earlier I took this cool icicle pic:

Thanks for looking!! Hope you all had a great week. Thanks for sharing a peek into mine. 🙂

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Project 365 – Week 4

The first month of this project is already at a close, and somehow, mysteriously, we are already entering February. January both feels like it flew by, AND like it makes sense that 31 days have gone by. Time is weird like that.

The ladies who put together this particular 365 group (Stephanie, Mindi, and Sarah) came up with a list of weekly themes, which is awesome. It’s perfect for slower weeks, or days we need a bit more inspiration, or just for the fun of it. I decided to join in on this week’s theme, which was… time. Perfect!

Day 24 ~ For time, I took the picture on the right, with the intention of pairing it with the pic on the left, taken in December 2011. My little guy wasn’t even a year old yet in the first pic, and now he’s turning 3 years old next week. My mind is blown…

Also from the 24th, a more traditional/literal interpretation of time. My sis-in-law’s and brother’s clock:

Day 25 ~ A slow, lazy Saturday. Little guy was sick, so we played some Snail Bob together.

Day 26 ~ I took an art class with my friends! Sarah invited a bunch of us to a place called Canvas Sip and Paint Studio. We followed the steps the instructor gave, and at the end of our session, I’d painted this! (I’ll have to write a full entry on the experience soon!)

Day 27 ~ By Monday morning, Homer’s cold had found its way to my poor sinuses, ugh… This was my big accomplishment for the day, and pretty much the only thing I did all day.

Day 28 ~ Tails loves getting up above the cupboards. He looks so funny up there!

Day 29 ~ Today we were all starting to feel a bit better. Time to splash in the puddles the rain brought! (He had to splash in tiny puddles, since he wasn’t wearing the best shoes for hopping in the bigger puddles! Note: He calls all puddles “mud puddles,” regardless of the presence or absence of any mud whatsoever!)

Day 30 ~ Baking cookies with a toddler! Yet another experience that deserves its own entry. Now that my face doesn’t feel like it’s made of lead anymore, I will hopefully get some more writing done soon and tell you all about it! I couldn’t choose which one to post, so here they are:



Thanks for looking! 🙂

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