Catch the Moment 2018 ~ Week 52

And here we are, the very last week of 2018’s Catch the Moment 365 project. Whew, we made it! Hooray! And even though it’s being published in late January, it is getting posted, so hooray for that too! On Dasher, on Dancer… I mean, wait, no. On…to the photos!

Mon, Dec 24 ~ Christmas Eve!

Tues, Dec 25 ~ Christmas Day, presents, and Homer in his new shirt from his uncle, aunt, and cousins!

Wed, Dec 26 ~ Day after Christmas! We needed some serious energy burning play time (and by “we” I mean Homer needed the play time, and I needed him to have the play time!), so I took him to Pump it Up!

Thurs, Dec 27 ~ Playing with my food. I turned a Ho-Ho into a Ho-Ho-Ho Yule Log! Eat your heart out, Great British Baking Challenge! 😉

Fri, Dec 28 ~ Yuletidey breakfast

Sat, Dec 29 ~ I made a pretty dinner, and it tasted good too!

Sun, Dec 30 ~ Fun with clay! I made a sleepy mouse and Homer made a rain cloud that’s raining! (Such a PNW kid thing to do, right? hehe)

Mon, Dec 31 ~ Aaaaand, New Year’s Eve, spent at Meander and Flora’s place. Snuggling rats, looking at the holiday decor, and toasting to the New Year!

And that’s a wrap! I did it, I did the WHOLE year! Thanks for coming along for the ride, and enjoying each week’s photos with me. It’s such a cool way to document a year in our lives. I’ll definitely still be taking photos in 2019, but as of this moment (last week of January), I don’t have plans to do a 365 project this year. I need a break! But no worries, I’ll definitely still have plenty of photos to post here. So keep an eye out for those. And I hope your new year is off to a wonderful start!

Warm wishes to all of you!


2 thoughts on “Catch the Moment 2018 ~ Week 52”

  1. Gurl I fokin love you with your Ho Ho Yule log! XD And those clay arts… so fun!
    Congratulations completing such a big project! I know I didn’t see every post since I’m not a regular blog reader anymore, but I can tell you really poured your heart into it. Lots of hugs ❤

    1. lolol, thanks re: the Yule Log! And thank you!! Yeah I feel really good having completed the full year. Also I had to laugh because you know me, I can’t pick just one photo for a day some days. So on my 365 project, I had 396 photos! XD

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