Catch the Moment, Week 11

Is it me or did this week go by really, really fast? It feels so weird that it’s already time for another picture post! This week has been good. My goal to spend less time in front of screens has been helped by our awesome weather, which has been very cool but still sunny. I love those moments when the sun sneaks out from behind the clouds. It’s this Great Sun Reveal that makes my heart swell with joy. Then the grey clouds have been so puffy and changing that they, and the drizzle they bring, have made me smile a lot, too. So, we’ve been playing outside and enjoying the season and just having a pretty great time. And celebrating a couple anniversaries along the way! Here are this week’s pictures…

Day 071 | Mar 12, Thurs – Today was a trip to IKEA with Sarah and Marcus. I got a little teary eyed this day, because on the same day, Homer picked out sheets for himself so he could sleep in his own bed that night, AND he went to the IKEA day care for the first time!! All by himself. I was all sniffly that he was having such a growing-up day!! (Of course the past two nights he’s been back in our bed, but he said he’d go back to his bed tonight.) Anywho, I was glad to snap this cute shot of Marcus, who has those gorgeous eyes, and has been talking up a storm!! He’s so fun. And I like how it looks like his dinosaur shirt is about to eat his bread!
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Baby Steps

I decided to share this blog I wrote here, because it was such a simple thing, yet such a landmark moment for me. I frequently think about it, because this one moment symbolizes so much of parenthood for me. Maybe it’ll resonate with you, too? …

Originally written August 22, 2012 (Homer was 18 months old).
= = =


As we got to the top of the stairs, I held his hand, as I always do. He began to cry, something he’s started doing lately. He pulled his hand as forcefully as he could, trying to get away from my grip. I resisted, creating a tug-o-war of tension that scared the hell out of me. I didn’t want him tumbling down the stairs! I relaxed my arm, and he relaxed his pull, and I let go to see what he wanted to do. He sat down immediately. Then, realizing he was free, he stood up. I reached out for his hand again and he shook his head, pulled his shoulder up to his ear, scrunching himself smaller, angling away from me. “No,” he said.

I realized what he wanted. He wanted to do it himself.

I stood in front of him, and my tiny boy moved over to the other side of the stairs. He put his arm on the wall to balance, his hand not quite reaching the bannister. And he smiled. A look of concentration replaced his smile and he began his descent. One little shoe came down, then the other one joined it. Step-step… Step-step… I walked backward down the stairs directly in front of him, spotting him but not touching him. My heart was in my throat, but my inner voice said, “Trust him. He’s ready.”

In an instant, he was a teenager, standing before me, hand outstretched for the keys to the car. In an instant, he was 18, ready to leave home into the grand world. This isn’t the last time you’ll need to trust him, I thought, and tears pricked my eyes. This is where it begins, I thought, as my little boy stepped steadily, confidently, more quickly than I’d expected, down the staircase, balancing so well, doing great. I felt my anxiety simmering wildly, but I kept it under the lid, as he did what he needed to do, as a simple staircase became a symbol for burgeoning independence.

When he reached the very last step, he stopped suddenly. He raised his face and his eyes met mine. He reached out his hand to me, and I wanted so much just to take it.

Instead I said, “You’ve got this.”

He looked at the ground, that one last step, then at me again.

I made my voice more sure, because I *was* sure. “You did all the others just great, and you can do this one too. You’ve *got* this. Go ahead,” I said, with a nod and a great big smile.

He looked down, thought for a second, then sat down, scooted forward, planted his feet on the ground and stood up. Before I’d even started to cheer, “Yay!” for him, his hands were in the air, as he shouted, “Yeah!!” with the most confident smile I’ve ever seen him wear.

We walked to the garage, side by side, both of us smiling, as a few more tears slid down my cheeks.


Catch the Moment, Week 9

We had an eventful week! There was lots of time spent with friends, two birthday parties, two museums, another play place… Lots of good stuff! On to the photos ~~

Day 057 | Feb 26, Thurs – This was the night Matthew came over for a couple hours in the evening, and about two minutes before he and Tina arrived, my upstairs neighbor came down to give me a box of cookie mix. Just add eggs, butter, and vanilla. Awesome!! It was the perfect kid-entertainment project too! Matthew helped me stir it, though he wanted no part of glopping it onto the baking sheet. Homer did not participate in the cookie preparation as he was eating dinner at the time. Anyway, they turned out all right, I thought! Yay cookies!
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A Day in the Life ~ 03.03.2015

This is a Day in the Life photo project showing photos from our whole day. I also did one last year (omg almost exactly a year ago!), as well as one from 2011, when Homer was a baby. I always have a hard time not putting hundreds of pictures in one of these things. I kept it to a mere 43 this time around!

I think this counts as a pretty typical day for us. Homer and I tend to have two types of days during the week. One is the staying-home, and/or cleaning and/or errands type of day. The other is the going out to fun parks, play dates, or some kind of other fun outing. This is probably more in the former category.

One last note; it only occurred to me after all was said and done that I didn’t snap any pics of Joe. He’s a big part of our day, but he is often pantsless while indoors, so doesn’t care to be photographed, and it’s hard to blame him, really! So next time around, my goals are: more Joe pics, and to use my Canon instead of my phone camera.

Enjoy, and thanks for sharing our day with us!


Good morning! This is how we wake up (around 8:30am most days). 🙂 I tried to open my eyes for the pic, but couldn’t because the flash was too bright upon waking up!! The liiiiight, it buuuuurns….

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