Project 365 – Week 21

Another week, again? How do these weeks go by so quickly?? This week has brought more nice Spring weather, usually the high 60s, a little up and down on the meltdown front, oh and Homer had some meltdowns, too. 😉 Family, fun, and friends. That’s what it’s all about, right? Here’s our week in pictures…

Day 143 | May 23, Fri – We saw Tank today! This turned out to be the best pic I got of the two pups. I like Homer’s feet in here too.

Day 144 | May 24, Sat – I went to a friend’s get together this morning to learn about making homemade soaps! I’m excited to use this, and to try making my own now that I have the recipes. 😀

Day 145 | May 25, Sun – My niece just graduated college (!) and she and her boyfriend, whose name is also Joe, came to visit as they passed through Seattle on their way to Hawaii. Jet setters, these two! Homer loved meeting his cousin, Crissa, and her boyfriend, Joe, and we had a great dinner together. It was amazing seeing them!! The last time I saw Crissa, she was a young teenager. And now here she is, a grown woman, starting her first job post-college. I’m really excited for her! Hopefully it won’t be so long before we see them again!!

Here’s us at dinner ~

And here’s Crissa with her Uncle Joe and her new biggest fan, Homer ~

Day 146 | May 26, Mon – I decided to cut Homer’s hair on the balcony. He looks pretty dubious, but I guess I can’t blame him, considering the number of times I told him, “You’re going to have to hold still, Mommy’s never done this before…” But hey, I think it turned out okay! I miss his longer locks, though. I’m kind of looking forward to it growing in a bit!

Day 147 | May 27, Tues – Homer woke up early and said, “Let’s go to the zoo!” So we did! Here’s a pic of the jaguar behind the waterfall in his exhibit.

Day 148 | May 28, Wed – Play date at Alanna’s house! Homer and her son, Nolan, play so well together!! And we got some much needed outdoor time, laughter, sun-soaking-up time, and the puppies played like crazy too. This pic isn’t the best, but it makes me smile. Here’s Roo, trying to climb into my lap, and Ashton looking at me like, “Hey, what is going on here??” So funny! Also, the fact that I couldn’t get a good shot of any of them speaks to the fact that they are never still long enough for me to do so! Then again, with all the sunshine and great conversation, I admit photography was not my focus that day! It was a wonderful day that felt like I filled my soul up with sunshine! 😀


It was especially needed after a rough night the night before. Homer and I were both just extremely grouchy and angry with each other all evening, and it was hard. Lots of hitting (him hitting me) and negotiating (him trying to convince me to give him his toys back, the ones he hit me with! They remained on top of the fridge until the next day), snapping, and apologizing (both of us). Rough times. We were both in tears at some point. The only good thing about nights like that is the determination to regroup the next day and do better. So the fun in the sun, the relaxed vibe of the day, and dedicating myself to remaining calm and present really helped. The caramel frappuccino didn’t hurt, either!

Here’s another fun pic of Nolan with all 3 doggies (J and Roo are his, Ash is mine) 🙂

And here’s Homer after our drive back home. I love my boy!! ❤

Day 149 | May 29, Thurs – Daddy and Homer Ninja Turtles!! We didn’t end up buying these, because Homer really wanted “a REAL con-tar that plays real music!” (Guitar) We got him a Mickey Mouse one. Pics of that to come next week, probably! I’m so excited that he gets excited about music. I hope he always loves it!

And bonus, look at my pretty coffee the barista guy, Jake, made me at my favorite local coffee house ~

Coffee art! It always brings a smile to my face. 🙂

This is a caramel mocha and a french toast muffin. It was even better than it looks, too. No kidding! Yay for Soul Food Coffee House!!!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

= = = = = = =

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Project 365 – Week 20

Oh man, what a week. This week included improvements in dog training (slightly less intense barking at other dogs when Ash sees them, and even quieting down completely with two different dogs!), and some minor setbacks in dog training (one poop in the house, bah!), a date afternoon to see Godzilla, which was pretty cool, and sadly, this week has ended with Joe fully incapacitated with a pulled back muscle. I feel so bad for him! I think this week felt busier than it was, mostly due to completely normal (yet maddening at times) toddler antics, such as the whole “NO!” thing that kids this age do, and the endless questions. Overall, things are okay, but it’s been a little stressful. Luckily this project and these pictures remind me of the sweet times that happen every day, and I’m really grateful for all of the little magical moments that happen amidst the chaos.

Day 136 | May 16, Fri – My little boy. I love how beautiful he is, especially when he’s sleeping.

Day 137 | May 17, Sat – He was really trying to fit himself inside this box!

Day 138 | May 18, Sun – The only pic I took this day was of Homer playing in the bath tub with his “crazy sand” that he absolutely loves. I forgot until later that he was playing with it naked, and the pics really aren’t ones I want to share online! So here’s a pic taken at the park we love to go to! Very Spring-y and pretty out there. I am loving Spring!!

Day 139 | May 19, Mon – Usually the bulletin board by the mailboxes has postings for Yoga classes, random furniture for sale, requests for carpools, and the like. This colorful sign was far more fun to read!!

Day 140 | May 20, Tues – Park day!! Ashton had a great time!

And so did Homer!

Day 141 | May 21, Wed – All my Wednesday pics came out pretty crummy, so here’s another cute one of Ashton at the park!

Day 142 | May 22, Thurs – We were playing with bubbles outside, when our neighbor came out to enjoy the sunshine with her baby girl. Homer, of course, jumped right in. I love that he took baby Penny’s hands so gently and said, “Let’s dance!” then bobbed about very gently with her. No pic of that, unfortunately! But here’s everyone enjoying themselves (including Ashton, who is getting some love, too!).

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

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Project 365 – Week 19

Day 129 | May 9, Fri – Homer, sitting on the hammock thingie at the local park. His smile says it all.

Day 130 | May 10, Sat – Homer snuggling with Uncle Garth. Garth had met with Joe, Homer, Mom, and me at BJ’s Brewhouse, where we had an early Mother’s Day lunch together. It was really fun! Afterward, Garth came over with Tank and all of us had even more fun. Homer loves his uncle so much! I like how Garth totally looks like he’s falling asleep here, but really, I think I just caught him mid-blink!

Day 131 | May 11, Sun – Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s my beautiful, crazy kid, “hiking” (i.e., walking around our apartment complex, climbing on rocks and such) in his pj’s and beloved rain boots (seriously, he wants to wear them everywhere)! I love being his mommy!!

Day 132 | May 12, Mon – Me with glasses, just because I figured most people don’t usually see me with my glasses, since I rarely wear them. They’re just for reading, and even for reading, I don’t wear them as often as I probably should.

Day 133 | May 13, Tues – My poor kiddo came down with a cold, and so did Joe and I! Therefore, sleepy day indoors watching cartoons! Bummer, too, because it was so nice outside, but whatever, it happens.

Day 134 | May 14, Wed – Homer, trying on my glasses! And sporting some classic bedhead.

Day 135 | May 15, Thurs – Omg. Ashton, snuggling with the baby opossum stuffed animal we have!! There is nothing cuter than pets sleeping with stuffed animals!

All righty, that’s it for this week. As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week, too!

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Project 365 – Week 18

Day 122 | May 2, Fri – These are the treasures Homer got for me during our morning outside. It was so cute how he kept handing me things.

Another kid played with Homer on the playground and found him and Homer some large sticks. Homer loved his walking sticks and kept walking with them even after the other kid left. I love how he and Ashton looked trekking across the large lawn together.

Day 123 | May 3, Sat – The next day, it rained a lot, and Homer loved catching the rain pouring off the carports in an old Coke bottle.

Day 124 | May 4, Sun – Tails likes this sleeping spot…

Day 125 | May 5, Mon – We met up with our friends at McDonald’s for some play time in the morning. This is Homer with his buddy, Matthew.

Day 126 | May 6, Tues – Wiggle Works with Marcus! Homer likes trying to do the same things Marcus does. He’s a funny kid!

Day 127 | May 7, Wed – Here are the flowers Homer got for me. At Trader Joe’s, he picked them out and said with an awed voice, “Flowwerrsss…” and then, “Here, I picked these out for you. We should take them home!” How can you say no to that, right?? I love my flowers, and I love my kid!

Day 128 | May 8, Thurs – We had a fun time at Auntie Cinnamon’s place today!!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

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Project 365 – Week 17

Day 115 | April 25, Fri – Beach and park day! We spent all day at this park in Seattle. It was gorgeous and amazing, sunny and fun. Our friends were there too, and it was just the best day.

Day 116 | April 26, Sat – My mom came up and had lunch with Joe, Homer and me at Red Robin. And we celebrated my birthday! Homer said the clapping and singing was too loud, but he did enjoy the cherry off my sundae!

Day 117 | April 27, Sun – More birthday celebrations, this time for Homer’s buddy, Michael. He had a blast at the play place. Here he is bouncing on the trampoline with his dear friend, Aubrey.

Day 118 | April 28, Mon – And today is my actual birthday!!! I spent it differently than I’d expected, just wandering around outside with Homer, soaking in the sun. I’m so glad it was such a sweet, slow paced, low-key day, full of family time, sunshine, dinner out together, and a nice cold beer. What more could a person ask for, really?

Day 119 | April 29, Tues – I love when they sleep together.

Day 120 | April 30, Wed – Dog park fun! This is Ashton with Lily, who he has decided is his new BFF. I have never seen him PLAY this much with anyone other than Tank. He finally opened up at the dog park, and all it took was this little gem to convince him. She’s a 4 month old chihuahua puppy!

Day 121 | May 1, Thurs – Just a cute moment using the curb as a balance beam on a warm Spring day…

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

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