Project 365 – Week 22

What a crazy week! I felt kinda cruddy for the past several days, but luckily, we’ve had a lot of fun times to carry us through, as well. Here are the highlights from this week…

Day 150 | May 30, Fri – My little Buddha, sitting in the lotus flower climbing thing in the mall! So funny. If you tell him, “Be a Buddha,” he’ll do this, wherever he is. 🙂

Day 151 | May 31, Sat – We had a yard sale at a friend’s house. I made five whole dollars, lol! And Homer got to play in the sprinkler with some little buddies. It was a really fun day! It was warm out, but the water was cold, hence Homer’s expression here:

It was a fun long day in the outdoors, so here are some other pics I also really wanted to include…

I loved the late afternoon setting sunlight, so took this one of Homer and Ashton ~~

Then I thought, we should take a pic together, too!

And for some reason, this cute fuzzy little one on the playground slide just made me really feel like Summer is here…

Day 152 | June 1, Sun – We went to a lovely Druid ritual in the city, but got there pretty late. I’m glad we got to be there for part of it at least. This is one of the offering tables.

As we got back in the car, I saw signs that said Ballard. I hadn’t even realized we were in Ballard, but once I did, I looked up Full Tilt ice cream shop and went on over there with Homer. This is all Auntie Cinnamon’s artwork on the walls! And the ice cream is amazing. 😀

Then, that afternoon, we went out with Garth to the dog park with the puppies!!!

Day 153 | June 2, Mon – Soap hat!

Day 154 | June 3, Tues – Tuesday, we went out to “the squishy place!” They have lots of squishy boats to climb on and a squishy floor. Poor Homer was bitten by another kid, and was so sad and hurt over it (feelings hurt and hurt-hurt). But then, our friends joined us, and that cheered him up!! Cupcakes also helped. 😉 Homer really likes his little friend so much!

Day 155 | June 4, Wed – We went to our friend, Sarah’s, house for a canning party! People brought all sorts of stuff to try, and we made LOTS of jars of apple rhubarb jam and apple cider vinegar. I say “we” but it’s really “they.” I don’t know any of this stuff!!!! It was really fun to watch, and to eat. I love people who know food! I have so much to learn, and it’s great to learn it from kind, fun people like these!

I also love that people brought their cutie pie babies!! (Ashton loved all the kids!)

Here’s Homer building a tower…

And I love the colors of all these toys…

Not pictured… My whole family going crazy. Homer got naked in the backyard, Ashton found and ate some random poop (Sarah has no pets, no idea where that came from!), and needed a bath since it was in his teeth and paws. Then Homer had the most epic screaming meltdown, which I felt really guilty about since he was just over tired. I should’ve left at least an hour earlier than I did. Poor guy! Anyway, in spite of all the craziness, it really was a super fun day!!

Day 156 | June 5, Thurs – We got the new game, Tomodachi Life for 3DS, and I’m so excited!! I love it! My island is called Puppy Island, and I am having the best time making and putting my friends into the game. Here is the Mii of my wonderful friend, Kaila. 😀 (Hi, Kaila!) Here she is propelling herself into outer space from the sheer excitement of eating her all-time favorite food (according to the game anyway), pancakes!! lol This game is so weird and hilarious. I love it!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

= = = = = = =

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4 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 22”

  1. Hi Meg! What a great set of pics! Here are my random thoughts, in no particular order.
    1. Although I do like pancakes, I have long since given up eating them because for some unknown reason, no matter who makes them, where they are made, or what they are made of, they give me, uh, diarrhea. Sorry, but true. However, I love the IDEA of pancakes being my favorite food, and the avatar of me really does look like MEEEEE! Yay!
    2. I adore the soap hat picture. He has grown so much. He’s a little boy now! Still adorable and such a mugger for the camera, though. No doubt. Keep ’em coming!
    3. So fun that you went to the Druid rite! What’s the grove’s name? Are they ADF? I liked their offering “station.” Very cool.
    4. The ice cream place afterward looked so fun, in large part because of Cinnamon’s wonderful and fun artwork; just PERFECT for an ice cream store. Very whimsical and colorful. I approve wholeheartedly.
    5. My heart is warmed that you have found “kind, warm” people to hang with. You deserve nothing less. Sure wish I could have joined in with that canning day. It looked like a blast. I so treasure our old times in my kitchen (and in Idyllwild, etc.).
    6. RE: the picture that you said you liked the colors of the toys. The striking thing for me in that shot was the orange-ish color that was repeated over and over on so many of the toys. Is there something developmentally important about that color? Or is it a Wall Street thing, that attracts parents to buy that particular color for their young children? Do you know? It would be interesting to find out because it was repeated over and over, as I said.
    7. So sorry that Homer took a bite. That sucks. Human bites are truly the worst. And Meg, your hair is long! You look so radiant and lovely. I love how Homer mugs for the camera, and I love his Buddha pose. Ashton looks like he is really settled into being part of the family now and he looks like such a good boy (poop eating nothwithstanding lol).

    Thank you as always for such a rich peek into your life. I love and miss you. xoxoxo

    1. Thanks Kaila!! Hey do you get emails when I reply, or do you just come back and check the site? Just wondering how that worked!

      1. Wow, that sucks about real life pancake experiences! But glad your Tomodachi Life you can enjoy them for you. The good news is this game is really not reflective of real life, as evidenced by you flying into outer space, haha! Today, my Ren Mii ate salmon and hated it so much she turned into dust, hahaha! 😉

      2. He is such a little boy! It’s nuts!!

      3. It is fun! They’re called Circle of Coll, and they are OBOD, not ADF. Interesting differences! I like them okay. I’ve been to two of their rituals now and will probably go to others.

      4. It is a really fun place! Lots of pinball and video games, and super yummy flavors of ice cream. I had Mexican chocolate with salted caramel, and Homer had lemon marshmallow!

      5. I so miss our times in your kitchen and Idyllwild too. That day made me miss you and our whole group so much!!! These peeps are great and I’m hoping to get to know them better, but we definitely had a special vibe in CA. ❤ ❤ ❤

      6. Nah, I think it's just a kids toys having bright colors thing, nothing special about that particular color. I see tons of green as much as orange and yellow when in the toy aisles, etc.

      7. THANK YOU!! Yeah it's gotten way long! And Homer is the best. And Ashton is definitely settling in nicely. Your comment made me laugh. He is a good boy. 😉

      Thank YOU, as always ,for your wonderful comments! I LOOOOOVE hearing from you! I love you so much and miss you bunches!!! xoxooxox

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