Catch the Moment, Week 4

In the beginning of the week, I realized I hadn’t taken photos with my Canon in a while. I have a Powershot S5 IS for anyone who was curious. I want to learn much more about it!! I’m trying. Anyway, the first few photos are from my camera phone (Samsung Galaxy s4), and the last several are from the Canon, which I’m pretty happy with!

Overall, we had a lovely week, a nice mix of visiting friends, and spending time outside playing and walking around. It’s been especially nice with the weather being as interesting as it’s been. ~ It’s January, but it’s practically Spring, with temps in the high 50s… It’s downright balmy out there! 😀

Anyway, I’m excited that we got to get some sun, to have lots of laughs, and enjoy some time snuggling, drawing, climbing, playing board games… This week also saw the launch of a major house training project with Ashton (a longer entry for another time perhaps), sending positive energy to friends, cleaning up some Yule/Christmas decorations as Imbolc approaches, and just… living life! Here are this week’s photos…

Day 022 | Jan 22, Thurs – This was the cutest day ever. Homer and I met up with Heidi at our favorite local coffee shop and Homer went off to play in the kids’ corner with all the toys. Heidi had to leave before we did, and Homer was having so much fun, I decided to stay a while longer. The super awesome part was that Homer was playing so nicely with kids he’d never met before. There was a little girl and a little boy, and the three of them played SO nicely together. The girl even drew this for Homer, which just totally melted my heart…
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Catch the Moment, Week 2

Day 008 | Jan 8, Thurs – I saw my friend, Larissa, and her sweet new baby girl! Look at this wee little two week old face!! So fun holding her! It was really awesome catching up with Larissa, and seeing her little boy, too – big brother was pretty cute and doled out some kisses for baby sis. Homer even kissed the baby too! So heart melting, omg…

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Around Here

Inspired by my friend, Chel, of Gingerblue Studios, I decided to do a post about what’s been going on around here, lately…

Outside my window…
I’m sitting on the couch with my laptop and can see the trees and sunlight on the branches and leaves. It seems like a really nice day outside. I wish I had more energy to go outside and enjoy it, but am happy to see the sunlight even if I am not directly in it. It’s been pretty grey, so the sun is a welcome sight!!

On the kid front…
My sweet Homer… He’s been getting sad over not having certain foods lately. I don’t know what this phase is. He thinks of a food, and if we don’t have it, he gets all teary eyed. Today he was sad to realize he’d eaten the last of the dried apples.

He is so funny and sweet, too. He laughed in his sleep a bunch two nights ago, which was really cute!

Another funny story: Joe and I showed him a video of a kangaroo and said, “What’s that, Homer?”
He said, “A raccoon!!”
“Uh, not quite,” I said.
“A JUMPING raccoon!” he clarified. Hahahaa!!

Then also recently, he asked, “Why is everybody?”
“Why is everybody what?” I asked.
“Why IS everybody? Like, why is everybody around?”
“Like why are we all here? Why do we exist?”
“YEAH!” he said.
I got partway into my explanation of the Big Bang and evolution and he sighed and asked if he could watch a cartoon. I guess he thought my answer might be simpler! He should know me better than that by now, though, right?

The Menagerie…
Oh these crazy animals. Tails is still itchy, and I am not sure if it’s a nervous thing leftover from the horrifying flea situation we had last year, or if he’s allergic to something in the dog food, which he continues to nibble at here and there. I’m worried he has a food allergy. I’ll have to sort that out. The obnoxious thing is he chooses the worst places to have his little scratch-fests. He did it behind the tv today, his foot thumping against the tv. And last night, he kept getting behind my lamp to scratch, and kicking the lampshade next to my head. He KNOWS when I’m trying to catch him to get him out of the room, too, so he tries to sprint away from me when I sit up. Luckily I did catch him and get him out of the room, because he was driving me a little bit crazy.

Ashton and Tails are both incredibly sweet, though. I was super sick yesterday and stayed in bed all day, and these two sweethearts snuggled up with me all day long. The poor dog barely ate because he didn’t want to leave my side. They’re both so incredibly sweet. And both in my lap right now, too!

In the creative corner…
Lots of plans, but nothing in the works just yet. I’m looking into scrapbooking and trying to organize all my files so I can find things easier. I have a filing cabinet now, though, which is great!! Now I just need to figure out what belongs where from my drawers, which have been my catch-all places for “I’ll potentially scrapbook this one day…” for years now.

My main goal is to work on and complete a baby book for Homer. Preferably before his impending fourth birthday!

In the kitchen…
Again, I’m all plans and no real action just yet. I do still have this idea about making some of my grandmother’s recipes and blogging about them. Hopefully that will come to fruition soon!

On the fitness/health track…
Yesterday I was in bed all day… Well, when I wasn’t in the bathroom. Oh god, stomach flus are the worst. I had been walking a bit more regularly, but it’ll be another few days before I get back to it, I think. I’m eating only toast and light things at the moment, and Joe and I have both been good about eating less sugar and carbs and eating more protein, so that’s been nice, too. I am down about 6 lbs from my highest weight, about 3 weeks ago.

I am reading…
Still working my way through the Harry Dresden novels by Jim Butcher. I’m midway through Summer Knight.

I am watching…
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at the moment. That is Homer’s choice. I’ve been watching American Idol and The Librarians with Joe, and enjoying both.

I am hearing…
Right now, just TMNT. 😉 I haven’t really been listening to too much new music or anything. I have had “All About that Bass” in my head for about three days, because that’s a very “sticky” song. And I have a total love/hate relationship with it.

I am thinking…
about Homer’s birthday plans, and Joe’s, too! And about our upcoming preschool tours! (!!) I am also thinking of what I should do with my kiddo today so it’s not a total all-tv day. But it’s hard after having been sick, too, to figure out what I have the energy for.

I am thankful…
to be feeling better than yesterday!! I’m also thankful my child is being all snuggly and that he hasn’t shown signs of getting sick himself. Joe, too, seems to be in the clear. I really really hope it stays that way!!!

I’m also glad I seem to be getting more used to my new glasses!

I am going…
to browse Pinterest, play around with my scrapbooky stuff, find something somewhat creative to do today… Slow days don’t have to only be movies. They can be easy crafting days too. Now to see if I can get my little boy on board, too. We’ll see how the rest of the day pans out, I guess…

I hope you all have a really great day!!


Catch the Moment, Week 1

Hey everyone! Here we go again, another project 365 for 2015! This time, I’m going to title this year’s posts “Catch the Moment,” since that is, in fact, the name of the group I’m linking up with each week. I’ll still be posting Fridays, too. Uh, well usually. Today is Saturday, so… I’m a wee bit behind. But want to hear something cool? My blog just wished me a happy anniversary! Happy anniversary to you, too, blog. 😛

Without further ado…

Day 001 | Jan 1, Thurs – On New Year’s Day, I met up with Tina at 5:30am so we could go to the beach!! We got Starbucks and exchanged “Happy New Year!” exclamations with the lovely baristas. Then we went to the beach and saw frost all over the sand. It was 28 degrees outside!! We built a fire, and watched the sunrise, and talked and laughed and gazed in awe at the gorgeous scenery… and it was the coolest start to the new year I’ve had in years!! We had invited over 100 people to join us, and it was just Tina and me! At one point she gave me a giant bear hug and said, “Thanks for being crazy with me!” That is the sign of a good friendship right there!


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