Project 365 – Week 12

Yet another week has flown by! I’m glad I’m actually ahead of the game on the photo taking this time. It was a good week. Spring is here, which means the grey and cloudy mornings turn into sunny late mornings and afternoons. At least, that’s what it has meant this week! I’m always excited when the sun comes out.

We’re doing well as new dog owners, too! I got a clicker and have started working on the basics with our sweet Ashton. He’s doing pretty well. A few poop accidents, and a few stolen food items and chewed up socks, but hey, that’s life with a puppy, right? I love this little guy. We’re really enjoying him a lot! And now, our week in pictures……..

Day 80 | March 21, Fri – Joe had an eye exam and got new glasses! Homer wanted to try them on, too…

Day 81 | March 22, Sat – Group baby shower for one of the moms’ groups I’m part of and help organize. It went really well! Lots of beautiful food out, lovely decorations, and lots of happy new moms and moms-to-be.

Day 82 | March 23, Sun – This is the sunset from the dog park that I took Ashton to for the first time. Sadly, that night is also now known in my memory as “the night my son adamantly insisted he didn’t want to go with me, then cried a lot for me once I’d actually left.” šŸ˜¦ Poor guy! Since I didn’t know that until I got home, I actually had a great time being out with Ashton and loved the way the trees were silhouetted from the setting sun. Ashton did not love the dog park, but maybe he will one day. Or not. Time will tell. It was fun being out with him at least.

Day 83 | March 24, Mon – Look out, Seattle, there is a crazy driver on the road and he’s only three years old!! šŸ˜‰ It was really fun taking the Mario Kart out with Homer today. He had a blast! He drove it all over the place for an hour, and was still sad when we had to put it away! I’m so happy he likes it so much!

This is from the same day, but it’s so cute, I just had to include it!

Day 84 | March 25, Tues – Look at these two!! Getting along! Lying down side by side. AMAZING!!

Day 85 | March 26, Wed – All right, I know this is basically the same picture, but it happened again!! I think this is a new trend. One I’m very excited about!! Of course, this is usually the precursor to chasing each other all over the house, but I think they’re *playing.* I thought it would take weeks and weeks for this sort of thing to happen. I’m very happily surprised they’re getting along sooner than anticipated!!!

Day 86 | March 27, Thurs – I love the way rain drops look all beaded up on the greenery. This was taken in the forest area right outside my apartment.

That’s all for now! Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

= = = = = = =

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