Project 365 – Week 11

Okay, I’m only a little behind in posting my Project 365 entries now, and I’m really glad. It’s nice to be caught up! It’s been a busy time, but lots of fun too. Here’s a peek into our week…

Day 72 | March 13 – I actually forgot to take a picture until late at night, at bed time. So I snapped this one of Homer in his room. He wanted to wear his snow boots so he could pretend it was snowing inside his room. This kid loves snow! So cute.

Day 73 | March 14 – I’d been looking at this little guy, and these pictures A LOT over the past few weeks. I hadn’t said anything on here, because communications with the rescue were a little crazy, and I wasn’t sure what was happening. But I admit, knowing that the red “adoption pending” on their site meant us was pretty exciting!

Day 74 | March 15 – Snuggling my sweet Tails, knowing it was potentially the last night it would be just him as our only pet, as our potential doggie was being driven to us the very next day.

Day 75 | March 16 – I spent the morning feeling so anxious. What if it didn’t work out somehow?? But then this happened…
And he was all ours! This sight was especially sweet to see because my husband has been afraid of dogs his whole life. That he was willing to try this out, adopting a small dog for our family, absolutely means the world to me. And so far, everyone is getting along great! Well, Tails has been adjusting, but he is coming around to the idea that maybe this little guy isn’t so bad after all.

Day 76 | March 17 – Ashton says Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!
And happy 12 year anniversary to my sweet hubby!!

Day 77 | March 18 – We took Ashton to meet his cousin, Tank, today! Then Sarah and Marcus invited us over for lunch, so we got to see them too. Sadly, the visit with Tank was not captured in photos, because we were pretty busy puppy wrangling! And this shot was the best one we managed at Sarah’s house. Animals and kids are hard enough to photograph separately, much less together!!

Day 78 | March 19 – Twelve years ago, I got married, and my friend, Angela, gave me a few gifts, including this leash. She always knew how much I loved dogs, and that Joe is afraid of them, but always hoped for me (as did I) that somehow, maybe one day, we actually would get a dog. I finally pulled out this leash and was able to use it on my very own dog, after keeping it for 12 years.

Day 79 | March 20 – Here’s Ashton and me. OMG I have a puppy, you guys!!! (He’s 8 months old, btw.)

And here he is in a t-shirt. It’s a Gerber toddler shirt (18 months). I thought it might help with his shivering. It did a little, but then he peed in the house, and he peed on this in the process, so it didn’t last long. Maybe he was telling me how he really felt about the shirt? 😉

One last bonus picture, a collage:
I’m so happy things are going so well with Ashton. He’s such a sweet, mellow little lap dog. We love him and are so happy he’s part of our family now!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all had a great week!

= = = = = = =

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2 thoughts on “Project 365 – Week 11”

  1. Ashton is one lucky fellow, and your family is so beautiful. I love how I get to feel your warmth and unique perceptions through your pictures and descriptions. I miss you guys being close, but having these glimpses of your lives makes me feel like we are not so far apart after all. 🙂 Keep ’em coming, Miss Meg! LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

    1. Thank you, my Kaila!! LOVE YOU TOOOOOOO!!!! I’m so glad you read these and leave comments for me. It always makes me smile, and like you said, feel like we’re not too far apart afterall. We should talk on the phone soon!! I miss you bunches!! XOXOXOX

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