Easiest Dog Jacket Ever

Ashton is a little guy of only ten pounds, and he gets cold kind of easily. And, it rains here in Western Washington. Ashton is actually from Eastern Washington and is not yet used to this crazy wet weather! Thank goodness, he does still go potty in the rain. Usually. In spite of his wariness of it all.

I have been thinking of getting him a rain jacket, but since I didn’t have one, I wasn’t sure what to do today, at the height of toddler craziness and cabin fever for all. I decided to look through my son’s baby things real quick to see if there was anything I could find, though I didn’t entirely expect to see anything workable, as all his teeny baby clothes are from our life in Los Angeles!

But then, I had an idea. I took a diaper from the top of my pile of cloth diapers we haven’t been using due to the elastic becoming completely worn out (a Fuzzibunz size Large pocket-diaper, without any inserts inside), and asked myself… would this really work?

While it was folded up, I cut a half-circle hole in the crotch of the diaper, the way you’d cut a Valentine’s heart out of a folded piece of paper. I did end up needing to cut a little more from where it would hit on the back of his neck. But it was easy enough to take off, trim off some more, and try again…


Here it is unfolded…

Then I slid doggy’s head through (with the help of a tasty treat), and buttoned him in. Voila! Dog Jacket!!!



He seemed pretty cozy, and his body didn’t get wet, AND when he peed, he did not get any pee on the diaper-jacket!! Total success!!!

Now I just need to fashion him some kind of hood for his head and we’ll really be set for walking on these rainy days!

If you try this for your dog, please let me know! 🙂


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