Catch the Moment 2018 ~ Week 49

Mon, Dec 3 ~ My adorable child and his adorable friends playing at school. One of them held him in a bear hug while the other lightly rubbed his face with a cotton ball. They’re so goofy! Homer giggled a lot, then they all ran off to play in the wooded area of the playground.

Tues, Dec 4 ~ I love Christmas trees and lights SO much!

Wed, Dec 5 ~ I got to meet my mom’s new greyhound, Holly! Yay! She came from the racetracks of Florida. SO many greyhounds need new homes now that all the dog racing has been made illegal. It’s great, but it’s also a LOT of dogs, so they’re being sent all over the country to new foster and permanent homes.

Thurs, Dec 6 ~ ZOMG! I’m finally learning to crochet, and this is the first thing I ever completed! It’s a thing! A square! I don’t know for what, but I made it!!! So exciting. I sent it off to my Secret Santa person in Norway, from my Hygge Group’s gift exchange.

Fri, Dec 7 & Sat, Dec 8 ~ no photos

Sun, Dec 9 ~ Oh this elf. Always getting up to something!! 😉


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