Catch the Moment 2018 ~ Week 50

Mon, Dec 10 ~ This is my first time ever painting wooden peg dolls! I did it from an image I saw online. But it turned out way better than I expected. I am so excited about it, and now I want to make a bunch more!! (This cute little pair also went off to my Secret Santa person in Norway!)

Tues, Dec 11 ~ Elf! How’d you get in there?? heheeh

“And the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be [growing near] your own front door!”

Wed, Dec 12 ~ Winter skies can be so beautiful. Especially with the sun peeking out a teeny bit.

Thurs, Dec 13 ~ I love waking up to this sweet face!

Fri, Dec 14 ~ The card for my Secret Santa person in Norway!

Sat, Dec 15 ~ We attended Meander’s annual holiday party!! It was so much fun. And we frosted cookies!! I really enjoyed how my snowman turned out!

Sun, Dec 16 ~ How is this comfortable? My kid is a contortionist, I swear!

And that’s it for week 50! Hope you enjoyed the images, and had a great week, too!

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