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Puppers Pictures

Well, there’s a new doggie addition to our home, a teeny fox terrier/pomeranian mix named Petal. I LOVE HER!! Ashton is also a sweet little lovely dog, and he’s doing great with her and adjusting to life with an energetic baby dog around. It’s pretty awesome! I also worked on a project called Everyday Smiles, where we gathered photos of anything and anyone who makes us smile. That’s mostly what this collection is. Enjoy the photos! (There are 24 of them, so they’re behind the cut!)

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Catch the Moment 2018 ~ Week 47

Mon, Nov 19 ~ I don’t think it’s possible to describe how excited I was to get a time slot for the red panda cub Animal Watch at the zoo! I got to spend two hours just watching these two baby girls and their mama (Zeya, Ila, and Hazel) explore their new home. They had a blast looking around at everything and exploring, and I had a blast watching them. So cool! Red pandas make my heart so happy!

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Catch the Moment 2018 ~ Week 38

Oh my GRAVY, I fell far behind in this project. You know what, though? I took the photos! I just didn’t post them weekly. I felt bad about falling off track, because it’s just so hard with all the holidays and hustle and bustle of Fall. But then I realized I could actually just go ahead and post up the photos! So what the hell. I’m going to finish off this project for the year, so help me! Hehe! So, here we go, starting at the tail end of September. Let’s do this!

Mon, Sept 17 ~ Homer is so excited about the idea of driving. He is so adorable! Someday, I’ll take a photo like this when he’s 16 and stick them side by side. You know how I love those photo comparisons!!

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