Catch the Moment 2018 ~ Week 48

Mon, Nov 26 ~ Another volunteer day at the zoo, this time in the rain! The red pandas didn’t mind one bit, and had a lovely time playing and looking around. I had a great time watching them. I’m thrilled I got to watch them again!! Someone needed to cancel, and I was available to fill in, so I did. It was awesome that it worked out that way!

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Catch the Moment – Week 16

106 | April 15, Fri – Homer and I had breakfast together! He cracked me up with the stuff he said! In this shot, he is saying, “Foolish mortals! You will never defeat the Napkin Boss!” I love this kid. (A little bit later, he held a wedding between the syrup and sugar. Seems like a match made in heaven to me. 😉 )
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