Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 16

Posting these a week late! It was a fun week, where things finally started feeling warmer and Spring-y around here. Then it got cold again, then warm, then cold. Typical PNW stuff, really. 😉 Here are the photos…

Mon, April 16 ~ I took this photo as a prompt for Recapture Self, which was “playing a game.” Homer’s little hands look so cute, and it was fun to capture them at this angle, with the fuzzy blanket in there too. Video games can be a great way to spend time on a rainy day!

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Catch the Moment 366 – Week 35

239 | Aug 26, Fri – In the morning, we had photography fun with the kids, and then they all played together, and it was extremely cute!

And then that night, check out this sunset…
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