Catch the Moment 2018 ~ Week 44

Mon, Oct 29 ~ Pumpkin carving day!

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Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 22

It was a mix of busy and relaxed this week! Mostly just the usual ups and downs of everyday life, with a few unexpected events (party and sports!), a tiny scare from our tiniest pet, and some calm, rainy days spent reading and playing video games. Joe has been recovering from his really nasty cold virus he’s been fighting, and we all can’t wait until he’s better. Homer and I got in some play time, and some relaxation time, and even some writing time, for both of us!

And now, onto the photos ~

Mon, May 28 ~ Well first of all, I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day with their families. I saw Homer’s Memorial Day booklet at the end of the day. They’d done it in school on Friday, and this was the last page. “Normal stuff.” He cracks me up! He turned out to be exactly right, too, he spent the majority of the day playing video games while Joe and I took turns napping, reading, or watching tv. A nice, quiet day.

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Catch the Moment 366 – Week 28

190 | July 8, Fri – Look, shhh, don’t scare him away… It’s a PNW child in his natural environment, squinting against the sun’s rays, so unfamiliar to this creature…

And later that night.. Zombie games!!! Aaaaaaah, the zombies are coming! (Also I adore the contrast of creepy zombie game against a background of cheerful lemon table cloth and veggies to snack on!)
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