Catch the Moment, Week 8

Day 050 | Feb 19, Thurs – Today was a painting day! I’m pretty happy with how this came out for Homer. And he likes it, which is what counts! “For me?? Wow, a gift!” He’s so funny.
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Catch the Moment, Week 7

Day 043 | Feb 12, Thurs – At the park! We’d been inside in the community center play place across the street, where he had fun, but soon wanted to just be outdoors where it was a little lot less hectic. It was cloudy and cool and we had a lot of fun!
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Catch the Moment, Week 4

In the beginning of the week, I realized I hadn’t taken photos with my Canon in a while. I have a Powershot S5 IS for anyone who was curious. I want to learn much more about it!! I’m trying. Anyway, the first few photos are from my camera phone (Samsung Galaxy s4), and the last several are from the Canon, which I’m pretty happy with!

Overall, we had a lovely week, a nice mix of visiting friends, and spending time outside playing and walking around. It’s been especially nice with the weather being as interesting as it’s been. ~ It’s January, but it’s practically Spring, with temps in the high 50s… It’s downright balmy out there! 😀

Anyway, I’m excited that we got to get some sun, to have lots of laughs, and enjoy some time snuggling, drawing, climbing, playing board games… This week also saw the launch of a major house training project with Ashton (a longer entry for another time perhaps), sending positive energy to friends, cleaning up some Yule/Christmas decorations as Imbolc approaches, and just… living life! Here are this week’s photos…

Day 022 | Jan 22, Thurs – This was the cutest day ever. Homer and I met up with Heidi at our favorite local coffee shop and Homer went off to play in the kids’ corner with all the toys. Heidi had to leave before we did, and Homer was having so much fun, I decided to stay a while longer. The super awesome part was that Homer was playing so nicely with kids he’d never met before. There was a little girl and a little boy, and the three of them played SO nicely together. The girl even drew this for Homer, which just totally melted my heart…
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