Catch the Moment 2018 ~ Week 47

Mon, Nov 19 ~ I don’t think it’s possible to describe how excited I was to get a time slot for the red panda cub Animal Watch at the zoo! I got to spend two hours just watching these two baby girls and their mama (Zeya, Ila, and Hazel) explore their new home. They had a blast looking around at everything and exploring, and I had a blast watching them. So cool! Red pandas make my heart so happy!

Tues, Nov 20 ~ Snuggle time!

Wed, Nov 21 ~ no photo

Thurs, Nov 22 ~ Homer, my mom, and I all had Thanksgiving together at Sarah’s home. All the food was incredible, which is to be expected – it is Sarah, after all! Homer took this photo. I’m glad we could see our friends, and it’s clear that Sarah really strives to make her home as homey and lovely as possible.

Fri, Nov 23 ~ Friday was Friendsgiving with my Sacred Sunday circle sisters and families. It was the first time a lot of the kids met each other. And of course they all became fast friends, and had an absolute blast. It was so fun watching them play and be silly kids together. The food was absolutely delicious, and the company cozy and amazing. I am so happy we got to do this!

Me, in my outfit, right before we left. (I love this tank top! And I wore my Labyrinth headband I got from Cinnamon, too.)

The most adorable kids’ table

Sat, Nov 24 and Sun, Nov 25 ~ no photos! well that’s ok, more photos next week, for sure!


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