Catch the Moment 2018 ~ Week 46

Mon, Nov 12 ~ Starting off the week with a photo of little Miss Amy…

Tues, Nov 13 ~ Sunset!

Wed, Nov 14 ~ Fall leaves!

And more Fall leaves! It was so cute watching Homer and pals moving tons of leaves from one area to another together!

Thurs, Nov 15 ~ This is from the zoo’s new show, The Nature of Growing Up. It’s such a cute show! It’s on hiatus for now, but will return in the Spring.

Fri, Nov 16 ~ I volunteered with another volunteer friend, and we had a great time visiting all the awesome animals. I liked how this photo turned out of our mountain goats.

Sat, Nov 17 ~ no photo

Sun, Nov 18 ~ On November 18th, I got to see NEIL GAIMAN at Bena Roya Hall in Seattle!! It was incredible. It was the first time I’ve ever seen him in person, and the first time I’ve been to Bena Roya Hall! I went by myself, and had an extraordinary evening. I loved hearing him talk, hearing him read. Just amazing seeing one of my absolute favorite authors in that kind of a venue!!

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