Catch the Moment 2018 ~ Week 45

Mon, Nov 5 ~ Sadly no photo for today. But I do have others, so on to Tuesday…

Tues, Nov 6 ~ Look at this gorgeous leaf! I love it so much! Especially when shown in a little Homer hand.

Also this cool sunset-y shot.

Wed, Nov 7 ~ Coffee!

Thurs, Nov 8 ~ no photo

Fri, Nov 9 ~ Omg, colder weather means Ashton gets to wear his sweater and he looks SO CUTE. He also fell asleep near this Shakespeare book, and I love how it could almost look like he was reading it before taking it a snooze.

Sat, Nov 10 ~ Trees!

Sun, Nov 11 ~ We spent the night at Meander and Flora’s the night before, so I woke up in the morning to this view, a cute cat, and my adorable kiddo. I was so grateful for a sweet purring kitty who slept with me all night, especially since I’d gotten really sick overnight. I was super grateful not only for Felix’s company, but my friends’ amazingly sweet care when I felt so crappy, too.

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