Catch the Moment 2018 ~ Week 44

Mon, Oct 29 ~ Pumpkin carving day!

Tues, Oct 30 ~ Leaves getting more and more yellow – so lovely!!

Wed, Oct 31 ~ HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! A bunch of photos! Garth, Cinnamon, and Allister dressed as Lock, Shock, and Barrel. Homer was Sans. I dressed as the 13th Doctor, but she’s not yet well known enough for many people to recognize, plus my costume wasn’t that great, so there is that too. Anyway, it was a really fun night! I LOVE seeing so many cute kids dressed in their costumes. My mom and Cinnamon’s mom were both at the house, too. And as the boys went from door to door, Allister kept declaring, “This is so exciting! Isn’t this exciting??” He also shouted, “BARREL!” with his mask in front of his face a lot. So funny and so adorable!!

Big cousin skeleton and baby cousin skeleton!


Sometimes the hardest part of Halloween is those few moments between ringing the doorbell and getting to shout “Trick or treat!”

Thurs, Nov 1 ~ Homer took this photo. He took it at my request, because he had my phone and I loved the way the clouds looked at sunset as we drove to Meander and Flora’s place. It was a good team effort!

Fri, Nov 2 ~ Movie night at school! I took Homer and his friend, X. Everyone gathered in the auditorium and watched the movie projected onto a huge screen. It was Monsters, Inc., and we got to eat cookies, pizza, fruit, and water. It was pretty cool!

Sat, Nov 3 ~ Just a nice moment reading with Ashton on my lap.

Sun, Nov 4 ~ I had an absolutely wonderful day going to Whidbey Island with my Sacred Sunday friends. It was my first time on that island, and honestly, it was truly magical! This was taken from the ferry.

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