Catch the Moment 2018 ~ Week 41

Mon, Oct 8 ~ Can you tell this kid flosses all day long? Also, yes, he’s wearing Deadpool socks over his jeans.

Tues, Oct9 ~ Such a beautiful view! Sadly, I only got to enjoy it for one hot minute before I had to go pick up Joe sick from work. I look forward to going back and enjoying these views again.

Wed, Oct 10 ~ This is the staircase I walked down to go visit my doggie buddy, Finn. As I walked down, I thought, oh god, I’m going to have to walk back up! But luckily, it went pretty well!

Thurs, Oct 11 ~ I love that Homer and his pals have such a nice place to play at school!

Fri, Oct 12 ~ I am trying to cook more often and eat healthier. Some days I get it right!

Sat, Oct 13 ~ It’s Finn! I could not get a non-blurry photo of him for the life of me. Oh well!

Sun, Oct 14 ~ This was my first ever Cirque de Soleil show!! It was SO much fun, just amazing to watch everything these awesome performers can do! It was so fun! I’m so happy I got to go with Mom, Cinnamon, Korkee, and Amanda. It was a great afternoon! Thanks again, Cinnamon, for the awesome Mother’s Day present!!

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