Catch the Moment 2018 ~ Week 38

Oh my GRAVY, I fell far behind in this project. You know what, though? I took the photos! I just didn’t post them weekly. I felt bad about falling off track, because it’s just so hard with all the holidays and hustle and bustle of Fall. But then I realized I could actually just go ahead and post up the photos! So what the hell. I’m going to finish off this project for the year, so help me! Hehe! So, here we go, starting at the tail end of September. Let’s do this!

Mon, Sept 17 ~ Homer is so excited about the idea of driving. He is so adorable! Someday, I’ll take a photo like this when he’s 16 and stick them side by side. You know how I love those photo comparisons!!

Tues, Sept 18 ~ I think this was a “just lost a tooth” photo!

Wed, Sept 19 ~ This is a “he looks dang cute on this slide” photo. 😉

Thurs, Sept 20 ~ And here’s a funny photo of Ashton and me. I was talking to my mom with my headphones, and Ashton got on the couch cushion behind me and snuggled his chin on my shoulder. SO sweet!

Fri, Sept 21 ~ I went on an awesome hike with my awesome friend, Beth! It was incredible, and I got a lot of fun photos. This is one of my favorites!

And later that same day, Joe and I went out to our annual Oktoberfest night!! It was so, so much fun!

Sat, Sept 22 ~ The next day was definitely a laze around and rest on the couch day!

Sun, Sept 23 ~ I actually forgot to take a photo this day, but one of our friends sent us a photo that they took at Oktoberfest, so I’m posting that one here, because I just like it.

Onward to the next week, just click the next entry button below to week 39!


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