Catch the Moment 2018 ~ Week 37

Apparently my themes of the week were: myself, and animals! And myself with animals! ha! Anywho, onto the photos…

Mon, Sept 10 ~ Beginning of the week, and I actually forgot a photo this day. I don’t know how! But I did!! Moving on…

Tues, Sept 11 ~ Melissa and I went for a nice walk in the rain, and once we were in the gazebo thingie, I took this photo of the woods around us. It doesn’t quite fully capture the beauty of the area, I think. It was really lovely, and we had a nice time!

Wed, Sept 12 ~ Fun silly selfies in the park! I like how this one turned out!

Thurs, Sept 13 ~ The only photo I took this day was me in this sweater that Joe brought for me from San Diego, so here I am in it. 🙂

Fri, Sept 14 ~ I started reading this for the first time, and I freaking love it!

Sat, Sept 15 ~ Finn and me! I love visiting this doggie friend of mine. He is a real sweetheart. We took a nice walk in the park! Hopefully I can hang with his human soon, too, because I also adore her! HI KELLI!! 😀

Sun, Sept 16 ~ And then Sunday, I got to hang out with my family and visit Buzz, the African Grey. At first she had no interest in me, but when I offered her a nut, she was happy to hang out right on my arm! I haven’t held an African Grey in like… over ten years. It was the coolest, really! (Huge thanks to Cinnamon for taking this photo!!)

And that’s our week! I hope you liked the photos, and see you next time! Have a great week, everyone!

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