Catch the Moment 2018 ~ Week 36

Here are the photos from Week 36! Some art, some Homer shots, and a selfie. Take a look ~

Mon, Sept 03 ~ Labor Day! Homer and I spent some time drawing together. He wants to make a card game, and asked me to draw him some cards. He said this should be a gold card, so it’s extra powerful! It was fun working on this with him!

Tues, Sept 04 ~ The first day of SECOND GRADE!! I can’t believe he’s a second grader. Too crazy!

Wed, Sept 05 ~ Playing with neighborhood kids after school

Thurs, Sept 06 ~ Honeybee hard at work! I got to see a talk given by Joel Sartore and it was SO COOL! I bought his book about The Photo Arkand he signed it for me. And I just felt so freaking inspired. I thought I’d be inspired just about photography, but I felt inspired about animal and environmental conservation overall. It was incredible. And then I walked outside and took this photo of this cute little bee doing its thing.

Fri, Sept 07 ~ I went to a writers’ meetup at Elliot Bay Bookstore. Pretty cool experience!

Sat, Sept 08 ~ Homer had the best time at Jordan’s Chuck E. Cheese birthday party!

Sun, Sept 09 ~ And on Sunday, I took a very blurry selfie (dagnabbit! I so wish it weren’t blurry, but I rushed in taking it!) right before my shift started at the zoo! Yay Zoo Tunes! It was fun hearing the music, talking to super awesome zoo guests, and getting to hear the flamingos in the dark once the sun had set! I love the zoo so much!

And that’s it for that week!

See ya next time!

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