Catch the Moment 2018 ~ Week 35

Luckily, we had our family for a few more days, and got to spend most of the week with them. Here are a bunch of photos from our outings and fun together!

Mon, Aug 27 ~ Monday, we decided to go bowling! It was a lot of fun. Homer had a great time and even got a strike!

Allister really loved it, too. He seemed so excited to carry the bowling balls, and after he threw one, he’d go back to the ball return and excitedly announce which one he would choose next. “Now, the red one!”

We played a full game, ate some pizza, and played in the arcade, too. It was a great day!

Tues, Aug 28 ~ We all met up at Nonna’s and went to a new park we’d never been to before called Town Square Park. They had a zip line, stuff to climb, and a splash pad. I couldn’t choose just one, so here’s three photos I loved from that outing!

Wed, Aug 29 ~ Then we went to Red Robin, and the Bellevue Art Museum. Here’s Mom with Jakob, and then a bunch of cousins on the BAM sign. Then we had dinner at Cinnamon and Garth’s that night, which was awesome! (not pictured) 😉

Thurs, Aug 30 ~ Then we met up at Homer’s school playground to have a picnic before Homer’s meet and greet with his new teacher. Ruby, Anna, and Wyatt even came upstairs to see Homer’s classroom with him. We got to say hi to his first grade teacher from last year, Mrs. K, which was really cool. Then Homer ran off to go meet his new second grade teacher! Mr. P seems like a really cool person, and Homer liked him right away. Homer did the required new class scavenger hunt, put away his school supplies, and said goodbye with a high five to Mr. P before we headed on out.

We played at our place for a bit, too, and had some snacks and drinks before it was time to say goodbye. Sadly, Wyatt and the girls had to fly on back home early Friday, so that was the end of our visit together! But hopefully we can see them again soon!!

Fri, Aug 31 ~ Happy Birthday to our sweet little Ashton!! He is 5 years old now! Homer picked out the heart covered dog cookie from the pet store, “To show him how much we love him!” Homer is so sweet. And Ashton clearly enjoyed his treat!

Sat, Sept 01 ~ I felt like doing my nails with my new Jamberry stuff that I’ve been enjoying! So I did! And then I tried to take a selfie to show off my nails, and that is no easy feat, lemme tell ya. Anyway, I was managing ok, and then Homer surprised me by coming over and hugging me while also hugging my hand. He said my nails were so pretty! Awww…

I really like this pattern a lot! (And a few days later, my barista complimented my nails too! So fun!)

Sun, Sept 02 ~ And heading into September, I decided to draw up a back-to-school theme in my bullet journal. I think that whole back-to-school feeling, with all the new stuff – new teacher, new folders, new pencils, new pens, sometimes even new backpack and lunch box, and finding out who’s in your class… that will always fill me with this awesome feeling of joy. And now, as an adult, I feel it nostalgically and vicariously through Homer, but I also feel it myself, for finding out who’s in his class, and picking out his supplies with him (which this year, we did mostly online for the first time, which was strange, but still fun!). Anyway, I’m excited for the brand new school year, and to watch Homer grow and learn throughout the year.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for this week! It was a really wonderful way to close out our summer vacation. Hope you had a great week, too, everybody!!

3 thoughts on “Catch the Moment 2018 ~ Week 35”

  1. It’s funny you should mention the back to school thing – I have been meaning to post something along the lines the thing I miss most about going back to school is that “new” feeling – with getting new clothes and new shiny supplies. It was such an amazing feeling. Your nails were super duper cute too by the way!

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