Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 33

I love when summer can be slow and lazy, at least a bit, and that’s kind of how this week went. It was pretty laid back this week, so here’s a glimpse of our pretty regular, ordinary life!

Mon, Aug 13 ~ So I went to the doctor and as suspected, I have carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand. It’s super annoying. And painful! Wrist brace and anti inflammatories for a few weeks and then we’ll see if I need to see the hand specialist people after that.

Tues, Aug 14 ~ Then we went to pick up Homer’s new glasses! And like the vain butthead I am apparently, I have no photos of him, but I DO have this photo of ME that I snapped, ha! This pair of glasses is still in the running, as I’m still shopping around! It helps to have photos of all these glasses to help me (eventually) decide.

Wed, Aug 15 ~ Just an average morning having a nice cup of coffee! From Carnage’s face!

Thurs, Aug 16 ~ These two are SO cute together! I love when Ashton rests his head on Homer’s side like this.

Fri, Aug 17 ~ I helped my mom clean and organize her place a little, and came across this old poster of mine, a print of a Jackson Pollock piece. Now I gotta figure out if I can hang it up someplace!

Sat, Aug 18 ~ Hanging out with Ashton in bed and took a selfie right as he yawned! He makes me laugh!

Sun, Aug 19 ~ It was Homer’s pal’s birthday party on Sunday! Everyone had a great time at the pool! (birthday girl on right, standing next to her mom)

So, it was a pretty nice calm week, which is just the kind of week I like to have in summer. Two weeks of summer break left, and then school days will be here again! This summer has flown by!! Hope your summer is still going well! Has it flown by for you too? Are your kids back in school yet? Let me know in the comments!! (Kids here go back right after Labor Day.)

See you next time, everyone! Stay cool out there!

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