Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 32

This week, Joe went back to work, and Homer and I went back to lazing about at home. Except not really, because we had doctor’s appointments and parties to attend, and ice cream to go out and buy, so it was a mildly busy week for us. Take a look ~

Mon, Aug 6 ~ Monday was eye appointments for both Homer and me. This was Homer getting an Optimap photo taken, which is a large detailed photo of the eye. I thought it looked cool, so I took a photo of him and his giant eye next to him. That is not the final photo, btw, just a guide to make sure his eye is in the right spot! It was pretty fascinating.

Tues, Aug 7 ~ We went to Homegrown for egg sandwiches and then Molly Moon’s next door for ice cream. The light in there is always SO nice!! I couldn’t believe how grown up Homer looked when I snapped this photo of him!

Wed, Aug 8 ~ We went to Cost Plus World Market and got some snacks. I was OVER THE MOON to see they sold Clearly Canadian! It was like someone reached back in time to my childhood and yoinked out this delicious drink and set it right in front of me. So many awesome memorriiieessss!!

I remember Summer travels with my childhood best friend, Suzanne, and her family to their home out in the woods (we always called it “The Property” which nearly sounds like the title of a John Grisham law related novel or something). We climbed some trees. (Or tried to, I wasn’t so great at it!). We sat on rocks and stuck our feet in an ice cold creek, and the soft moss tickled the soles of my feet. Then we stopped at a tiny little convenience store and hopped out of the car, and pulled some Clearly Canadians from the fridge and paid with it with crumpled dollar bills from our pockets. We were like 10 years old? 9 maybe? It was so incredibly fun.

I also remember the one thing I FOR SURE wanted to do for my 14th birthday, on my actual birthday, which was a weekday, was to drink a large peach Clearly Canadian while listening to The Beatles’ “Birthday” song. And I did! Then on the weekend, I celebrated with friends by inviting Suzanne and Steven out to the movies with me, and dressing up (I wore a skirt! which was new to me, as I used to never, ever wear skirts), and we saw Pulp Fiction in the theater. Sooo much fun! Anyway, yes, Clearly Canadians. AWESOME! I’m so happy I can buy these again!

Thurs, Aug 9 ~ I received my Warby Parker lenses in the mail, which was fun, and I tried them on and took a general opinion poll from my facebook friends. That only made it more difficult, honestly. Around 50 people responded, which I hadn’t expected! The general consensus was that this was the favorite of most people. And of the bunch, it was my favorite, too, but I’m still not 100% convinced and still browsing, honestly.

Fri, Aug 10 ~ On Friday, we actually met up with Tina and Matthew, who we somehow hadn’t seen for like a full year!! I don’t even know how that happened. But it was fun watching the kids play in the spray park while Tina and I caught up a bit. I felt like my coffee and Homer’s abandoned flipflops in the grass captured such a summer-y feel, so that’s why that’s today’s photo:

Sat, Aug 11 ~ Saturday I volunteered for Wild Asia Day at the zoo. I love Woodland Park Zoo, and I love the guests who come there, too. We were able to collect hundreds of signatures to help protect The Endangered Species Act, in just a couple of hours. You can help, too! You can add your name and support right here, if you like!! My favorite part of my volunteer session was a little boy telling me excitedly, “I’m going to be an endangered species RESCUER!!” He couldn’t have been more than 5 years old. He just melted my heart!

Sun, Aug 12 ~ And Sunday was Marcus’s birthday party! I’ve known that little guy since he was still in his mama’s belly, his mama being my awesome friend, Sarah. And I cannot believe he just turned 5!! Holy moly! Sarah had the cutest and tastiest Incredibles themed cake! And I helped build an enormous cardboard fort. We stayed for hours and the kids ran themselves silly, and had an awesome, wonderful time. I’m so glad we have been able to join his birthday celebrations and be friends with these awesome peeps!!

That’s all for now!

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