Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 31

Mon, July 30 ~ After staying in Butte, Montana, we drove all the way through the top of Idaho and then stayed in Spokane overnight. Homer and I had gotten all dressed in our swimsuits, walked down to the first floor and looked next to the fitness room. The pool was mysteriously absent. I suddenly realized we hadn’t been to the pool the night we stayed in Spokane last time. We were at the same hotel, which we nicknamed Hogwart’s for its awesome spires and Hogwart’s-esque aesthetic:

(this photo not taken by me)

I asked at the front desk, and sure enough – no pool at that hotel. Oops! Homer was really disappointed, naturally, so I tried to help him feel better by showing him around the fitness room, which he liked, and then I showed him the stationary bike, which he thought was awesome! He rode one mile on it, before we headed back upstairs to get back into normal clothes and play some video games instead. We also took a shower in the epic shower we had!! This thing had a great shower head, and jets, which were all adjustable separately. It was insane and amazing, and I loved it. I also let Homer just play around in it a bit, and enjoy getting sprayed by the jets for a bit after he got clean. Not quite as great as a pool, but still fun!

Tues, July 31 ~ Then the next day we drove HOME, and since I’d promised him, we got in our swimsuits and went swimming in our own apartment complex’s pool! It was good to be home.

Wed, Aug 1 ~ Even though I kind of didn’t feel like getting in my car again for the next like year or so (ha!), I drove to Mom’s place and Melissa’s, and picked up Ashton and Amy. You can see how much Ashton loves being with my mom, because even after not seeing me for two and a half weeks, he was content to get more snuggles in with Nonna before we headed home.

Thurs, Aug 2 ~ More swimming in our own pool! In Wyoming, Homer took his first swim strokes that kept him afloat, which was super, super exciting. It was awesome that Homer wanted to keep on practicing at home, and he keeps getting better and better. I am so excited to watch him become a swimmer!

Fri, Aug 3 ~ and Sat, Aug 4 ~ – No photos! I was so zonked from all our travels, that I 100% just plain forgot to take any photos.

Sun, Aug 5 ~This day, Homer made a big decision, and we made it happen! It had been TWO years since his last haircut (so long that he had no memory of ever having a haircut before!)!! Check it out:

And that was our week! The end of our travels and home, sweet home.

More photos soon!

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