Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 28

Hello, hello! I apologize for having a longer hiatus than intended! I’m back and will begin the catch up process for posting the last several weeks of Catch the Moment! The first is July 9-15, which turned out to be a week of mostly Homer pictures. 🙂 It only makes sense, he is my favorite subject, and my favorite little guy! On to the photos…

Mon, July 9 ~ This kid cracks me up!! He tried all the combinations he could think of for wearing his clothes. One foot through each arm hole of his shirt, his shorts on his head is what is pictured here:

Tues, July 10 ~ And here’s Homer looking beautiful against the pretty sky! I love how this turned out.

Wed, July 11 ~ What’s summer without some messy ice cream eating, amirite?

Thurs, July 12 ~ In preparation for the big trip we were about to take, I got a new purse! It was long overdue. And as I had a black purse for years, I was excited to get something so colorful. It’s also made out of plastic bottles!! It’s so “me.” ! I really like it!

Fri, July 13 ~ Friday the 13th! Lucky day! And we were lucky, indeed, because our friends, Sarah and Marcus came over!! I was so excited to try recreating a photo I took of these two buddies 5 years ago. So here’s 2013, and 2018, same boys, same living room floor, 5 years apart!

Sat, July 14 ~ Also in preparation for our big ol’ trip, I dropped off the pets with family and friends. Amy went to Melissa R’s house and Ashton went to my mom’s! I love that Ashton immediately hopped into Homer’s booster seat when he got in the car! Once the pets were set, I went home, and we all finished packing and got a good night’s sleep in preparation for the next day….

Sun, July 15 ~ Aaaaand, da da dahhh! The 15th! The Beginning of Epic Road Trip 2018!! Our first leg of the trip was a 5 hour drive to Spokane. Upon arriving, we stayed at this hotel, which we dubbed “Hogwarts.” It was a very good first day! XD

Next week will be in the next post!


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