Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 27

Here we are, week 27!

Summer has been in full swing lately. We’ve had some ice cream outings, watermelon, most of my coffee I’ve been drinking has been iced… XD We’ve run the air conditioner a bunch, and have driven with windows open a lot, too. Our home windows are almost always open, fans going, and we’ve been reading, watching tv, playing video games, and watching movies all in the middle of the day. I love Summer! Here are our summery photos from the week ~

Mon, July 2 ~ Homer decided out of the blue that he really needed a “whole lot” of Solo cups to stack. “Like, at LEAST a hundred, Mommy!” It was pretty inexpensive for this set of them ($4.50 for 84 cups), and he has already spent about two hours total playing with them, so… Maybe it was an ok idea? I feel a little bad about the plastic purchase, honestly, but then again we have a lot of plastic items at home. I’m not sure why these cups bring more guilt than any of the other plastic items we have purchased. (Maybe it’s just that I’ve been reading more about waste reduction lately, so it’s making me rethink a lot about what we buy and what we use. This probably won’t be a repeat purchase, but also, they should last a long time as our play cups, so that’s good…)

Tues, July 3 ~ Homer had seemed super restless so I figured he could use a change of pace and needed play time with a buddy his own age. I’m so glad he has such a good friends!! I love this kid, J, and it’s actually really nice when he comes over! Here’s the two of them looking at a computer game.

Wed, July 4 ~ Ah, the 4th of July! To be perfectly honest, I definitely don’t feel like I celebrated America, or American Independence, or whatever. The reality is, there is a lot to be angry, embarrassed, and ashamed over what America has been up to these days; there is so much we need to do in order to do better, in order to regain our sense of fairness and equity, of humanity. I’m grateful for all the people who recognize this, and are doing just that.

So, America and associated feelings aside…

We had a day off, and it was a wonderful time to spend it with our wonderful friends, Meander, Flora, Amanda, and quite a few others, too! Awesome friends, yummy food, and lots of laughter, plus the awe of watching and hearing so many pops and crackles, and seeing colors burst against the night sky, all made for a really fun day!

Thurs, July 5 ~ The next day Homer went off with his buddy, J (same kid from Tuesday!), for a large part of the day, and they had a blast! I spent time playing music, and dusting and reorganizing our game cabinet. I dusted the ones in the hallway, took everything off this shelf to dust the games and the bookshelf itself, organized all the games by size, and put them back in there, grouped by size. I’m excited to have it looking much neater than it did!

Fri, July 6 ~ These little birds like to nest on our balcony each year. It’s about that time again. It’s so cute watching them just hang out on the balcony ledge in between their many flights to and from the nest itself!

Sat, July 7 ~ It was so satisfying working on the game shelf, I got to work on my desk as well. I should’ve had “before” pics for any of these, but I didn’t think about it. Anyway, hooray for a clean and neat desk!!

Sun, July 8 ~ This would’ve been Tails’s birthday, so that was a bit sad. I miss that sweet guy. But Homer and I hung out outside, played some checkers, played on the playground, and then saw this beautiful creature! It made poor Homer jump and scream as it flew by, because it turned out Homer mistook it for a giant mosquito. If I saw a mosquito this size, I’d jump and scream too!! Poor kid. Anyway, dragonflies are my jam, so I was really excited to see this. I use this particular species, the whitetail, as my profile photo for commenting on Disqus, as well as my Twitter account. I loved whitetails before I ever moved up here, too – imagine my excitement to find out they’re native to THIS area!! I love when I spot them. They’re so awesome.

And that was our week! And, I didn’t forget any days, so that’s a plus, too!

Also, quick announcement — I am going to be doing something a little differently over the next four weeks. You see, I have a theme going for my Catch the Moment project over the next few weeks, but I’ll reveal what it is later! So, I’m going to post them all together early August all in the same week! Starting Monday August 6th, for 4 days in a row, you’ll get one Catch the Moment post every day! And in the mean time, for the next three Mondays, I’ll post brand new content, so keep an eye out for that!

See ya next time! Have a wonderful week!

2 thoughts on “Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 27”

  1. What fun! Did I inspire your game organization? hehe I spy some of the same games too, love that! I love the photo of Homer & his friend sitting at the computer, sharing the chair! There is just something about that one. Plus Homer looks super proud of his stacking cups, so why not!

    1. Yes! Well, so we had been talking about it for several weeks, and even went to IKEA (last weekend?) to search for a specific cabinet to put some of them into, and just more storage in the living room in general. But when we went to IKEA they didn’t have the one we wanted. And I thought well now I can’t do it. And then I thought, “wait yes, I can, I bet I can make it pretty nice!! Angie just did hers and shared a photo, I can do mine and share a photo too!” So you totally inspired me to do it sooner than I would have and to share a photo! So thank you! 😀

      Aww yay, thanks!! I really like that one, too, them sitting together on the chair. They’re such sweet buddies!

      Totally – he was super proud, you’re right! hehe

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