Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 26

Summer Vacation is in full swing, and apparently my brain is in full vacation mode, because I somehow missed TWO days this week! I have no idea how that happened. Actually, I was feeling a little down and out, under the weather, and just overall crappy on the days I missed photos, so I guess I do know how that happened. Anyway, this week is mostly portraits and plants, check it out ~

Mon, June 25 ~ Homer and I had a really fun day! We went to Homegrown for our favorite spicy egg and avocado sandwiches, then Molly Moon’s for ice cream, then Half Price Books. It was awesome!

Tues, June 26 ~ Homer and I took care of my friend’s toddler for a few hours at the park. It was fun! Though this little guy mostly wanted to climb the stairs and the ramp and basically leave, after spending just a short time on the climbing structure. Homer had fun on the swings and climbing stuff. We had a good time!

Wed, June 27 ~ We’ve lived here for five years, and for the very first time, we finally went to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens! It was so beautiful. This was the suspension bridge over a ravine. The Ravine Experience, the sign said.

Come to the Ravine Experience, an experience of walking across a shaky surface and being super glad you survived at the end! Ha!

I was very proud of myself and Homer both for doing just fine walking across the bridge (we’re both afraid of heights) both ways. The least fun part of this was the mosquito swarm that decided to feast on me. That was horrible. Turns out I’m pretty allergic to mosquitos, but thank goodness my friend, Beth, had hydrocortisone cream, and Benadryl. Sheesh, mosquitos! Anyway, it was gorgeous. Here’s a few photos since I missed Thurs and Fri!

Thurs, June 28 ~ and Fri, June 29 ~ – no photos!

Sat, June 30 ~ The only Saturday photo I took was a snuggly Ashton snapshot.

Sun, July 1 ~ Sunday we went to IKEA. We saw lots of cool stuff, including this plush toothbrush. Tooth-plush! (Ha!)

IKEA trips are awesome but they often contain some stress, and this visit was no exception. They didn’t have what we wanted, so we decided to come back another time or maybe order online. Then we went to get some snacks to take home, and we each got an ice cream, too. On the way out, an employee asked to see a receipt and could not understand why we didn’t have one (we’d only bought food, receipt was optional, I did take it, but once I saw the order was right, I threw it out I think), and couldn’t understand why we’d exit the entrance door, even though that’s where we parked and it was right next to the restrooms we’d just used (not to mention all the people leaving out that same door who she paid no attention to while she stood there arguing with us). The woman seemed so confused and we explained about three or four times before she finally said ok and just let us go. It was super annoying, and Joe has dubbed it, “The Time Meg Almost Got Arrested At IKEA.” Sigh…

So, an interesting week! Ups and downs. C’est la vie, right?

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you have a great week. Until next time!!

4 thoughts on “Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 26”

  1. Okay, does Homer have big feet? I know that is an odd question but in the Ikea photo, his feet look huge compared to the rest of him, almost like he is wearing someone else’s shoes. lol That toothbrush cracks me up and super weird about leaving Ikea. Jeessh. The Botanical Gardens look so fun and pretty, I wanna go!

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