Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 25

It was the last week of school for Homer, the start of Summer Vacation, the start of Summer itself, and a lot of just regular life stuff! Take a look ~

Mon, June 18 ~ Homer really wanted to go to the arcade at the neighborhood bowling alley after school. The employee said the ticket counter was broken and we’d have to count them on our own. So I said ok, and we laid them out on the table in rows of 20. But once he saw how many we had, he said, “Ok, follow me,” and turned the auto ticket counter on for us long enough to count the tickets and for Homer to choose his prizes. Then he turned it off again. He said it was off because it had kept breaking down, and he needed to get it fixed, but since it wasn’t like crowded (we were the only ones there!), he felt ok turning it on just for us. So that was cool! Homer chose a packet of candies, and a little rubber smiley figure. He was pretty happy with everything!

Tues, June 19 ~ My fish market LEGO project, a work in progress! It’s really fun to build LEGOs!! This particular set is 2049 pieces and I’m about halfway through building it right now.

Wed, June 20 ~ Little Amy! I love this girl so much. Here she is inside her moist hide, on top of her moist paper towels. I had to take the lid off to check on her, so this is lid-less at the moment, usually she’d be really surrounded by the walls of the hide. Anyway, she is looking pretty light colored here, because it was right before she shed. The next day she looked vibrant orange and yellow again.

Thurs, June 21 ~ Happy Summer Solstice! It was the last day of school which was really cool. Then I had therapy in the evening. Afterward, I went to the Kirkland water front, parked and walked about a quarter mile to the pier with my Canon in hand, and in true Meg fashion… had completely forgotten my memory card!! GAH!! Luckily I did have my phone, and took this sunset photo, and just watched the sunset for a while. I kicked myself over the memory card. But I was happy for phone photos, and glad I went, anyway!

Fri, June 22 ~ I made this collage on Friday, showing Homer’s first and last days of First Grade. He grew so much! So did his hair!

Sat, June 23 ~ This week, we tried a new tactic for helping Homer with his night time fear of monsters. We set a monster trap! When the monsters eat the “cupcake” (paper folder I made, filled with rocks, shhh don’t tell the monsters), they’ll be too heavy to bother any little kids.

Sun, June 24 ~ Sunday was Seattle Pride!! We didn’t actually make it to Pride Parade, sadly. Homer and I both woke up too late, feeling like we had colds – which we turned out not to have. I think we both have seasonal allergies that are pretty strong these days and affect us most in the mornings – blech.

We watched some of it live streaming, though! And we still donned our awesome glitter tattoos that my sis in law, Cinnamon, gave us! I hope everyone out there had a great Pride day, or week or month, depending on where and how you celebrate! And I hope we’re able to make the Pride Parade next year. I hope people felt camaraderie with their community, and I hope all people feel free to live their lives as themselves, without judgment, with full freedom, and with a ton of supportive, loving people in their lives. I know a lot of people don’t have that, but I still hope we’ll all get there someday, and that messages of inclusion and acceptance continue to grow, worldwide. It’s a long road ahead, and I’ll be walking on it.

That’s all for now! I hope everyone had a great week out there! See ya soon!

2 thoughts on “Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 25”

  1. I love the lego set!! It makes me want to find my own set to do. We have a ton of regular legos but no sets. That would be fun. And the sunset is just beautiful, I am glad you were at least able to catch it with your camera phone.

    1. Ooh you totally should get yourself a set, it’s so fun! I look forward to finishing this one. I haven’t worked on it in like a week, I better get back to it, and finish it up. 🙂

      Thank you, I’m so glad too! I love sunsets.

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