Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 24

This was the week of double photos! I got a bit off track when choosing photos, and long story short, I ended up with more photos than usual. Bonus photos, if you will! Anyway, it was a good week, for the most part. Summer has arrived! It’s getting warmer and sunnier, and there are a mere four days of school left for Homer. Exciting! And now for the photos ~

Mon, June 11 ~ This little guy has been enjoying car rides way more than he used to! It’s so cute how amped up he gets, often giving many glances over to the car as I take him on walks each day. Ashton walks along, then looks at the car, then at me, as if to say, “Are we going??” He was happy the answer was yes on Monday when I brought him with us to go pick up Joe from work. They looked so cute together when Ashton just jumped into Homer’s lap!

Tues, June 12 ~ Tuesday was my LAST day of volunteering for the school year. I have been volunteering twice a week for the last six months and it’s been great. Homer’s teacher asked me to come into the classroom before their next lesson, and asked the kids to thank me. 20 kids saying, “Thank you, Mrs. Toledo!” is just the freaking cutest. I’m so grateful for the time I got to spend with all of them this year!

This is what they worked on for our last session together ~

Wed, June 13 ~ Sweet Ashton! I love his little face!!

Thurs, June 14 ~ This is Finn, a suuuuuper lovable, wonderful dog, who belongs to my friend, Kelli. Kelli needed some pet sitters for this sweet guy, who needs a lot of company so he doesn’t get too anxious. I just love being with him. He is a doll. I wish he liked cameras more – I’d take a million photos of him. But he’s not super keen on them, so I have like two photos of him! He is a beautiful, super good boy!

Fri, June 15 ~ Homer, playing at the playground! That’s our neighbor and friend with him in the second photo ~

Sat, June 16 ~ First day back at the pool means time for a pool selfie!! Sadly, the water was WAY too cold to even get in. We went into the hot tub instead.

Sun, June 17 ~ Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. My family visited so we could all spend some time together, and it was awesome. I love seeing Homer with his little cousins! This time, we actually DID get in the swimming pool, and the water was chilly, but it was do-able. It was ten degrees warmer, so that helped!

And in honor of Father’s Day, here’s a cute photo of Homer and his Daddy together! We love you, Joe!

2 thoughts on “Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 24”

  1. I am loving that Ashton is loving car rides so much now, that is a major win! He’s so cute. And the picture of the colored pencils is my favorite ever I think!

    1. Thanks!! I love the pencil photo too, they look so awesome together. Yes I love that he loves the car too. What’s funny is sometimes if we’re going someplace he knows well like my brother’s house, or Joe’s work, then he’ll start whining like crazy knowing we’re about to pick up Joe, or see my brother’s dog, Tank, who Ashton LOVES. It’s so cute! Other than the random whining and sometimes barking at other dogs he sees, he’s a pretty good car rider!

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