Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 23

Intros to these weekly photo posts are the hardest things to write. So, how about we just dive in? On to the photos!! ~~

Mon, June 04 ~ I had asked Homer to participate in a kids’ writing contest, the kid version of the one I love participating in called LJ Idol. He was not interested at first. After asking daily for a few days and always getting similar reluctance, I finally said, “I mean, you never know, maybe if you finish all the weeks, you might even get a prize. And it’s only 4 weeks! So 4 stories. I think you’ll enjoy it.”

He said, “Really? A prize? Like a banana split all to myself???”

“Uhm… Yeah, sure!” I said.

He did say it was more fun than he thought it would be, so maybe he took away at least a fraction of the love for writing that he has always had for banana splits!
Good job writing all 4 stories, Homer!

Tues, June 05 ~ Tuesday I got to hang out with this little guy!! My newest little nephew, Jakob. I got to see his big brother for a little bit, too, but mostly he was napping! Such a sweetheart.
I love my nephews so much!!

Wed, June 06 ~ Here’s Homer, looking super cute after school. He was mid sentence! I actually really like candid shots like this, where he’s just chatting away about his day. I’m glad I could capture this! (Also love that his sweet Piggy is with him, he loves her, and has been taking her to school, because when they have Free Choice, they can play with toys from home.)

Thurs, June 07 ~ The school had a special Volunteer Tea for all the parent volunteers – It was so nice! There was even an espresso cart where you could order lattes. I wish I’d had time to stand in that line, because that would’ve been delicious!! As it was, I got a wonderful plate of mini bagels and fruit, and got to chat with the other parents for a little bit. An awesome way to start the day! And I LOVED all the cute posters the kids made for us to look at, too, hanging up all over the room! Super awesome. ❤

Fri, June 08 ~ I got to have a quick visit with my awesome friend, Shoshana, and her impossibly adorable children. Little G has such a great smile!

Sat, June 09 ~ Look who came to visit us on our balcony!! So awesome! At first I thought it was dead, but then when I put a stick down near it, it walked on up. I took some photos then left it alone and it eventually flew away. While I was out there I decided to clean up my balcony, and am very happy with the results. It’s nice to declutter out there. Now for some epic dust-cleaning, and it may actually turn into a useable space after all! (It’s been hard to be out there at all, because when it rains [which is like, always?], the whole thing gets wet! But we’ll see if we can problem solve that dilemma somehow…). Anyway, enjoy the beautiful butterfly! I looked it up and it appears to be a Western Tiger Swallowtail. Cool!

Sun, June 10 ~ Family day at Nonna’s house!! Lots of times, we all get together and have lunch down there. I love it. It’s really sweet seeing all the grandsons together at Nonna’s!! I can’t wait to take photos of all the grandkids together this summer, when my oldest brother and his family come to visit! Anyway, I feel like this is one of those kinds of photos I enjoy looking back on now, the ones from childhood where we were all just kids, just talking, or playing, or the grownups were just sitting around a room together, enjoying the day. It’s just that beautiful je ne sais quois of ordinary everyday life, you know what I mean?

And that was our week! Hope your week was beautiful, and hope to see you back here soon!

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