Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 22

It was a mix of busy and relaxed this week! Mostly just the usual ups and downs of everyday life, with a few unexpected events (party and sports!), a tiny scare from our tiniest pet, and some calm, rainy days spent reading and playing video games. Joe has been recovering from his really nasty cold virus he’s been fighting, and we all can’t wait until he’s better. Homer and I got in some play time, and some relaxation time, and even some writing time, for both of us!

And now, onto the photos ~

Mon, May 28 ~ Well first of all, I hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day with their families. I saw Homer’s Memorial Day booklet at the end of the day. They’d done it in school on Friday, and this was the last page. “Normal stuff.” He cracks me up! He turned out to be exactly right, too, he spent the majority of the day playing video games while Joe and I took turns napping, reading, or watching tv. A nice, quiet day.

Tues, May 29 ~ Our little mantis, Rabbit, scared the crap out of me. I could NOT find him and thought he had died, but then Tuesday he popped up, good as new! I have no idea what he was up to. Molting? I was glad to see him though.

And while I’m at it, I took a photo of Amy I wanted to share, too. This one was much better quality!! (Mantises are rough to photograph when they’re babies like this. I need to figure out macro settings or something.) Anyway, here’s Amy:

Wed, May 30 ~ Wednesday morning, Homer said, “Mommy, today’s our costume party, remember?” And I was like: 0__0

It was one of those horrifying parenting moments when you feel horrible, like you’ve completely let your kid down by forgetting the class party he has been super looking forward to! I re-read his teacher’s email and it said they were making paper hats in class, but it did say if they had a costume from home, they could wear it either all day, or for the last hour of class (during the actual party). There were a few other rules listed, too. But the point was, Homer really wanted to wear a costume and I didn’t know what to do. Cue tears and “I don’t want to go to school without a costume!!”

Thank god Joe was up and we talked about it and he said, “What if you wore your Cappy hat, and went as Mario, wearing one of the costumes from Mario Odyssey?” Homer loved that idea, so we quickly reviewed some of Mario’s costumes from the game. Joe said, “It’s too bad you need to wear a shirt to school, otherwise you could just wear swim trunks and go as Mario in his swimsuit.”

“He has a swim shirt to go with his swim trunks!” I shouted.

“Oh great! How about that?” Joe asked Homer.

“YEAH!” Homer shouted. And just like that, we had a costume AND Homer got into it, and he even got to school on time, and had a great day. That was the most awesome team work we’ve done in a while, and I am so over the moon that it worked out as smoothly as it did. Hooray for Daddy – he saved the day!!

Thurs, May 31 ~ After school on Thursday, Homer had his very first track meet! We didn’t know what to expect or how it would go (or that we were even attending until an hour before it started!), but it turned out the organizers had it mostly figured out, even though we parents had no clue what was happening! Homer made me laugh by having the BIGGEST smile as he ran in the race! He ran the 50m and the 100m dash, and the long jump. I’m so proud of him. He had an awesome time!

Fri,June 01 ~ Friday was less eventful for us, but majorly eventful for Ashton who was sure he had been abandoned forever when I left him at the grooming place! As you can see, he was ecstatic and relieved to be reunited with us!! (And he looks so freakin’ cute all freshly trimmed!)

Sat, June 02 ~ Calm and happy Saturday. Joe was resting a lot, and Homer wasn’t home, as he was off playing with a friend. So I took a shower, and did some light makeup, and decided to take a few photos. I don’t even know if you can tell! But there actually is some eye shadow and mascara and blush there. I’m not a huge makeup wearing person, but I do have fun trying out different techniques and colors sometimes. Another friend of mine had shared some of her selfies showing her light makeup look, and I thought I’d join in on the selfie-sharing train as well. Why not!

Sun, June 03 ~ It rained pretty much all day Sunday. It was a nice light rain, and I liked going out in it for short walks with Ashton. I love photographing raindrops on leaves! So pretty!

And that about wraps it up. I hope you had a nice week, too!

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