Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 19

Hi everyone! This was a fun week, with a lot of variety of photos and experiences. The weather has also been really warm and sunny, so it’s finally Spring-y and even Summery out lately! It’s pretty nice, especially after the long, cold winter we had. I mean, I know we don’t get ten feet of snow like some places, but holy cow it was grey and chilly for such a long time. I’m really enjoying wearing tank tops and shorts these days. It’s awesome! On to the photos!

Mon, May 7 ~ I went for TWO walks on Monday, and actually made it to 10,000 steps that day. It was awesome! I loved walking by the water with a friend. We had a great time, and I got this awesome shot!

Tues, May 8 ~ I actually played my flute, which I hadn’t done in forever.

Wed, May 9 ~ How cute is Homer? He came home and wanted to draw the whole family. So that’s just what he did, included sweet Tails, who has a halo. Aww. (That tinkling glass sound you hear is the sound of my heart breaking!)

Thurs, May 10 ~ First zoo volunteer shift in over a year! Good to be back at it again! I love the zoo, and I love zebras!

Fri, May 11 ~ I visited my friend, Melissa Rainwater, and got to see her kitten, Alli. Look at this cuteness!

Sat, May 12 ~ Easy fun entertainment on a Saturday – the arcade! Homer liked this game a lot.

Sun, May 13 ~ On Mother’s Day we got to see Cinnamon, Garth, Allister, Jakob, and my mom, all at Cinnamon and Garth’s place. It was so much fun! Here’s a pic I got of Allister that I’m super excited about (bubbles are hard to photograph!!) ~

And last but not least, a selfie of me and my sweet boy, along with the tulips my mom gave me, and the painting Homer made for me. And Cinnamon and Garth got Mom and me an awesome gift to a show in the Fall – that’s going to be awesome!! I love my sweet family!

I really hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! It can be a hard day for many, for a myriad of reasons, so hugs to anyone who needs them, too!! ❤ Take care, everyone!

1 thought on “Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 19”

  1. I too love walking by the water, it makes me feel so content. Yay for you getting those steps in, I need to get more in again. I have been lacking all around. Bubbles are the best btw!! Glad you had such a sweet Mothers Day and remembered that photo 😉

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