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Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 18

This turned out to be a rather animal-focused week! It was pretty awesome. I think the days that weren’t centered around animals were pretty creative days, so that was cool, too. Take a look ~

Mon, April 30 ~ This is my bullet journal. After forgetting about it for basically all of April, I decided to get back on the horse, and get ready for May. If you don’t know about bullet journaling yet, you can learn more here. You can also ask me questions in the comments!

Tues, May 1 ~ Ashton was such a goofball waking up this morning. He’s so dang cute!

Wed, May 2 ~ This is Finn. Finn is my friend, Kelli’s, dog, and now he’s my buddy, too!! We had fun hanging out and we took two walks together too.

Thurs, May 3 ~ The zoo had a staff and volunteer preview for the rhinos. Our presence helped them start getting acclimated to having crowds in the viewing area. It’s important to ease them into each new situation, because the rhinos are brand new to our zoo (having come from other zoos in San Diego and Ohio), and are still getting used to everything. This is Taj, and our other rhino is Glenn. I’m so excited they’re here! Go visit them when you can!! Also, this is the day I did a whole Day in the Life project, so you can check that out too.

Fri, May 4 ~ Family selfie!!

Sat, May 5 ~ I turned Homer’s pants which had giant holes on the knees into shorts! Then he wore the cut off pant legs as sleeves!! He cracks me up.

Sun, May 6 ~ Then, we had a fun day at the Outback Kangaroo Farm in Arlington. I wanted to do something animal-related to celebrate my birthday, so I’m really happy we went. It turned out to be a cute place, and it was awesome seeing, petting, and feeding the kangaroos. Here’s one of their adorable alpacas, and a wallaby:

And that wraps up our week. Have you ever pet kangaroos? And/or what’s the most interesting animal you’ve seen up close? Hope you had a great week!

4 thoughts on “Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 18”

    1. Yes, kangaroos can definitely be mean. When I was in Australia for studying abroad, our professor made sure we stayed far away from them when we saw them in the wild. I mean, we got within like 20 feet, but no closer than that. And yay, thanks, it’s not always easy to get family selfies, so I always appreciate having them!!

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