Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 15

Hello, hello! It’s been a cold and dreary week, and for part of it, I was in a real funk. Luckily, after some writing and reading, that funk has lifted and now I feel a lot more peaceful and myself. So, yay! Who knows what the heck that was all about! Anyway, I did pretty well taking photos on my Canon this week. Half are from that, and half from my phone. I hope you enjoy them!

Mon, April 9 ~ The trees are trying to be Spring-y! Even if the temperatures (cold, 40s F) and sunshine level (i.e., hardly any) are not yet on board!

Tues, April 10 ~ I was just sitting at my desk and thought the reflection looked cool in my phone, so I snapped a photo of it.

Wed, April 11 ~ On Wednesday, I met my friend Shoshana, and her friend, K, at the zoo! It was so much fun hang out with them, and the 4 kids they have between them. At the face painting station, some brand new face painters needed to practice their skills with their supervisors helping them, so they offered some face painting for free! Little G. got to hop on up on the stool and become a gorilla, and she was SO excited. Too cute!!

Thurs, April 12 ~ I’ve read quite a few articles lately about how we humans have a strong tendency to only put our best foot forward on social media, or only show our “perfect” lives. So, here’s me having an imperfect day. I took this selfie while hanging out in the waiting room of my therapist’s office, dreading the session. Medication and therapy both have made a significant difference for me, though, which is apparent because I no longer get sick and shaky before therapy or doctor appointments. I just have a fairly normal level of dread-filled anticipation. Good news is, I just kept reminding myself that I’d feel worlds better afterward, and I did! Yay!

Then Thursday night, I got to play some D&D online with my friends. And that was a lot of fun!

Fri, April 13 ~ Friday night was watching tv, reading, and snuggling the pup after a good writing session – a wonderful way to spend an evening!

Sat, April 14 ~ Mostly, I just read. I spent the day curled up with the sixth book in the Harry Dresden series by Jim Butcher, called Blood Rites. And, I finished it last night! It was not my favorite in the series, honestly, but I still enjoyed it. On to book 7! I love this little Kindle!

Sun, April 15 ~ I wasn’t sure what to photograph on Sunday. When in doubt, I usually grab a snapshot of my kid or my dog, so that’s just what I did!

And that was our week! Today we’re resting at home, as H has a cold. So, a nice quiet day in our jammies is pretty much the only thing on our agenda today! Also, coffee. And Minecraft!

Hope you had a great week, and that your Monday went swimmingly.



4 thoughts on “Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 15”

  1. That last photo of Homer is just beautiful. It’s so simple, yet comes across so beautiful and perfect. Love it! And those trees are getting so darn pretty.I am so ready for some sun though and this is me who is normally fine with rain too. But please sun and warmth now. Part of my saying on my blog/social media that you’ll see our unfiltered life, the good, the bad, and the in between. I don’t hide behind pretty filters or flowery words all the time, so I love that you took that photo!

    1. Thank you so much, Angie! I really love how it came out too. Oh my gosh, right? Normally rain is pretty good, but I’m like come on now, Spring time!! Thanks – it’s definitely awesome to keep it real. I mean, that’s how we really connect with people, through the vulnerability of sharing our lives in a genuine way, not just a picture perfect way.

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