Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 14

This was Spring Break week for Homer, and we had a really great time!

Mon, April 2 ~ Spring Break Monday! We went out for breakfast, and Homer ordered the face pancakes. So cute!

Tues, April 3 ~ Pizza night!

094 | Wed, April 4 ~ Check this out! Is it some kind of amazing rose quartz?? Actually, it’s SOAP! Meander carved this soap into a work of art as a gift for me! So awesome, I just love looking at it everyday!

Thurs, April 5 ~ Thursday, I practically gave myself an anxiety attack by sending out my novel in its current draft for some friends to beta read for me. I feel like I’m gonna barf, and like everyone will report back that I am a terrible writer. I’m sure they won’t, but my anxiety monkey-brain doesn’t seem to feel as certain about it. But aside from the anxiety, I am actually pretty dang excited that I got it to a point where it was even remotely cohesive enough for other people to review. I’ve never had a work of this length before, much less in the actual editing process. I’m really excited to be taking such big steps with this!

Fri, April 6 ~ Friday we got to visit Garth for his birthday!! Yay! Here’s Allister helping to blow out the candles. They’re so sweet!

Sat, April 7 ~ Saturday night was karaoke party night at Meander’s place! I had a blast! (And four gin & tonics. 0_0 ) It was really fun singing our hearts out into the wee hours of the morning. We all needed a recovery day the next day!

Sun, April 8 ~ We recovered. The kids bounced off the walls, so we told them to go bounce on the trampoline. They had a blast!

How’d your week go? Hope everyone out there is doing great!



6 thoughts on “Catch the Moment 2018 – Week 14”

  1. I stopped in to check out what’s been going on with your blog and what a coincidence that I seem to have made an appearance on this post! You had a busier Spring break than we did, but it looks like a good time!

    1. Yay, thanks for coming to my blog and checking it out and leaving comments!! I definitely had that dorky excitement of seeing comments in my inbox. “Oooh comments!!” haha! XD That is funny that the first entry you saw included you! And yeah, it was a good Spring Break. We definitely had at least two days of *only* watching tv, so I’m glad we managed to do some other more active stuff, too!

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