2018 Catch the Moment – Week 13

Hello, and welcome to another installment of Catch the Moment! I didn’t remember to focus on any themes at all this week, but that’s ok. I still got some cool snaps during our pretty laid back week. I also formatted them a little different through Lightroom this week, so let me know if they look better or worse than usual!). And, here they are…

085 | Mon, March 26 ~ This is the face of a very bored, but very patient, little boy. We went to the diabetes education meeting for Joe, and learned all kinds of stuff about diabetes and nutrition. I just thought he looked so cute behind all this fake food. It’s too bad he doesn’t love fake food the way I did when I was a kid. I would’ve been playing with everything nonstop. But he just wanted to go home! Luckily, he soon got his wish and we did not, as he feared, stay there forever.

086| Tues, March 27 ~ Homer got sealants at the dentist! He is a good sport. During appointments, they give everyone the opportunity to wear some of their office sunglasses so their dentist lights don’t bug your eyes. I told Homer he looked cool, and this was how he posed for the photo!

087 | Wed, March 28 ~ Here’s Ashton looking all cute on the couch.

088 | Thurs, March 29 ~ I chaperoned Homer’s school field trip which was crazy, but super fun. We went to the Seattle Aquarium, and I got this photo of a lion fish. Yay!

089 | Fri, March 30 ~ Friday, Homer and I played with bubbles outside. They were really strong and didn’t even pop when they hit the playground turf – It was a cool photo opportunity!

090 | Sat, March 31 ~ Fuzzy trees! I love the moss in this area of the country. The trees look so beautiful and other worldly sometimes.

091 | Sun, April 1 ~ Happy Easter! I will probably write up a whole Easter post. It was a fun and cute day! Hope yours was too!

And that’s our week! How was your week?

6 thoughts on “2018 Catch the Moment – Week 13”

  1. That fake food is amazing, it looks so real. I too would have been playing with it. Homer though looked really tired as well as bored. The lionfish photo is amazing, I love it! Moss on tree is so fun to look at I think too and take photos of. Those bubbles! Wow, I need some of those type of bubbles.

    1. Same thoughts here! How is it that Homer was so bored by those rad food toys?! That would have been my daydream as a kid to be able to mess around with those.

    2. Yeah the bubbles were really good! They were a gift from my mom, and I think they’re the Magic Bubbles brand. Thanks about the lionfish. I love them, they’re so epic looking. And yeah, I was surprised, but Homer definitely wasn’t into being there that day!

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