2018 Catch the Moment – Week 11

This week was a pretty good one. I wish I’d gotten some more photos on my DSLR, but it was all phone photos this time around. I have been working on some goals, some mindfulness exercises, and on eating healthier and walking more. It’s going really well, even though it can feel tough sometimes, too. I’m excited to be doing as well as I am! And now, for this week’s pictures! ~~

071 | Mon, March 12 ~ My sweet sleepy boy between his two favorite dogs; his real one, Ashton, and his stuffed animal, Doggo.

072| Tues, March 13 ~ When we got back home at the end of the school day, there was a deer hanging out in the woods right next to our apartment!! Then we saw a second one, as well! So exciting!!

073 | Wed, March 14 ~ Homer’s school celebrated Kindness Day today (and Kindness Week all week!). This huge wall length poster holds all these little papers that older kids can hand out to younger kids when they notice them being kind. It was cute watching the amount of tiny “confetti” papers grow all week!

074 | Thurs, March 15 ~ The sun was out, so I got a selfie. It’s fun watching the red in my hair kind of “glow” once the sun is out!

075 | Fri, March 16 ~ Friday night was a Moms’ Night Out type gathering, and it was a lot of fun!

076 | Sat, March 17 ~ Today was Joe’s and my 16th wedding anniversary! So, here’s a photo of Homer at a buddy’s birthday party. Ha! The next day, though, Joe made me breakfast in bed, and that was really cool. (Then he did it again a week later!) Anyway, I think Homer and his buddies’ faces all look so cute as they try out this claw game. He had a great time there!

077 | Sun, March 18 ~ I played outside a lot with Homer this day, and it was mostly really great (he threw an epic hangry-induced fit when it was time to go inside in the evening, which was not so great, but we got through it). This photo makes me smile. He looks so funny trying to climb this slide while upside down!

And that’s a wrap! Now I’m all caught up and will be posting the current week’s photos on either Monday or Tuesday. Bye for now, and enjoy your weekend!!


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