2018 Catch the Moment – Week 10

I am a bit behind and posting this late, so I’m going to skip the usual intro and head straight into the photos!

064 | Mon, March 5 ~ Mondays often find me working on my bullet journal and today was no exception. I just particularly liked how my March calendar turned out – it was really fun to make!

065| Tues, March 6 ~ This is Homer with one of his very best buddies, concentrating on their Roblox game. So cute! I love when they can play together, they get along so well!

066 | Wed, March 7 ~ Static electricity on the playground slide!

067 | Thurs, March 8 ~ I actually snapped a pretty good photo of our sweet little lizard, Amy! I’m happy with how this turned out!

068 | Fri, March 9 ~ Homer has been SO resistant to tooth brushing lately, so I set up this dry erase calendar to focus on tooth brushing. I was hoping to get him to track it, and build good habits, and I’m happy to report that it’s helping and working really well!

069 | Sat, March 10 ~ Evening sky photo

070 | Sun, March 11 ~ And then Sunday was amazing, because it was my first ever family maternity shoot, and I got to do it for Cinnamon and Garth and Allister and Baby Jacob! I was so nervous with how the bright sunlight would affect everything, but I think I was able to edit the images well, and I’m super happy with how they turned out. Ok, so first of all, though, let me show you this one of a BALD EAGLE eating a fish in a near by tree!! I have always wanted to get a good shot of an eagle, and this is the first one I’ve ever thought turned out well!

All right, onto the family photos!! Here is one of Allister by himself, and then one of the whole family. Aren’t they the cutest? I love my family so much!!

And, that’s a wrap!! Onto next week, and then I think I’ll be caught up!

Until next time!


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