2018 Catch the Moment – Week 9

We had a pretty nice week! Not a ton going on, except for Comic Con, which I’m happy we got to without too much trouble (despite heinous traffic). We walked around and had a good time seeing lots of cosplay outfits, toys, t-shirts, etc. It would’ve been fun to do more shopping or see some of my favorite writers and actors, but that’s ok – just gotta plan better for next year! It’s been pretty cold, too, but just starting to get slightly warmer. I’m really excited for Spring time!

All right, without further ado, week 9’s photos ~~

057 | Mon, Feb 26 ~ The sun came out! And there was still snow on the ground on Monday; it’s so crazy to think how recently we still had snow!!

058| Tues, Feb 27 ~ These two make me laugh! Ashton sometimes jumps up on Joe, and then he just looks up and back really quickly which is his way of asking for belly rubs. So silly!

059 | Wed, Feb 28 ~ My favorite coffee shop had a sign that said “Try our March special – Irish Cream Mocha!” And even though it was not yet March, I said, “Ok, sign, good idea!” Lots of times, I try to keep it tame with my coffee and not get SO much sugar, but… I mean, sometimes you just need to say yes to whipped cream and sprinkles.

060 | Thurs, March 1 ~ Meander invited me out to explore a Maker Space in Snohomish with them, and it was really cool! They have all kinds of materials around, and space to store materials, and tons of tools, and if you’re a member you can just come make stuff there any time. It’s pretty sweet! These steel beams caught my eye, and had to snap a photo for the day!

061 | Fri, March 2 ~ Friday was Emerald City Comic Con! Here’s Homer with Kirby! We also got to try the demo of the new Kirby game for Switch, and play a team battle against another team trying to defeat King Dedede. We won! Homer got a Kirby tote bag, and I got a Kirby popsocket. It was fun!

062 | Sat, March 3 ~ We were all super tired Saturday, so we rested. Also I’m on Baby Watch 2018, so I stayed close to home. Cinnamon will have her baby pretty much any time, and they invited me to be present, like I was with Allister. Such a huge honor! I can’t wait. And in the mean time, I have this cute sleepy buddy to hang out with! (I also get to use this for the Catch the Moment theme this week: red!)

063 | Sun, March 4 ~ And speaking of cute sleepy buddies, I’ve also got this little guy. I love waking up to this sweet face peeking into mine after he’s crawled into my bed to say good morning and have a little snuggle. I love him so much, it’s just ridiculous!!

I hope you all had a great week, too!

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