2018 Catch the Moment – Week 8

This week features mostly animals! Which is fitting, because I’m pretty sure it was International Love Your Pet Day or something? I don’t know. I saw some hashtags, but I don’t know which day it was. So I got some shots of pets, some selfies, and I even got to try something new with my Canon this week during a special photo shoot. Yay! Here are the photos…

050 | Mon, Feb 19 ~ It was really amazing watching Tess Virtue and Scott Moir win the gold for Ice Dancing! Yay Canada! They did such a great job.

051| Tues, Feb 20 ~ Volunteer day for me at Homer’s school. I love school supplies! Freshly sharpened pencils make me happy.

052 | Wed, Feb 21 ~ My friend Ashley came over today! She brought her dog, Kirby, and while it could have gone better (omg barky dogs!), they did pretty well together! Ashton barked pretty much every time Kirby walked across the room. And then Kirby would bark. It was a bark fest! But I am super grateful for the period of time both dogs slept on their peoples’ laps, and Xavier and Homer played nicely. Periods of harmony are definitely a good thing!

053 | Thurs, Feb 22 ~ Board Game Night at Homer’s school! Here, Homer and one of his best buddies, Jordan, are playing Klask, which we brought from home! Omg, so many people wanted to play, which was awesome but also exhausting. I spent an hour and a half telling one person after another the rules of the game. It reminded me of working at animal displays with the wildlife centers and zoos that I’ve worked with in the past. Like, here let me repeat myself hundreds of times! haha! It was pretty fun, actually.

054 | Fri, Feb 23 ~ My amazing sister in law, Cinnamon, and I wanted to create some awesome maternity photography shots for her. I had heard of milk bath photos, so that’s what we did, and since neitehr of us knew anything about it, it was a big ol’ experiment. I think it turned out pretty well, and this is probably my favorite photo from the whole shoot!

055 | Sat, Feb 24 ~ Cute little snuggly Ashton, snuggling into the new blanket I got from Target. It’s SO soft, and Ashton completely loves it. I bought it for Joe. Joe said, “Dang, whenever we get nice blankets for ourselves, either the boy or the dog steals them!” It’s so true. Maybe we just need so many soft blankets that no one can claim them all, and we’ll all have one and have extras! We need a blanket surplus up in here!

056 | Sun, Feb 25 ~ This little girl has been with us a whole year now, as of 2/22! I did not get a picture of her on that day but at least I got one. I want to take a photo of her with my Canon, though, and like, in better lighting. This is not my favorite photo of her. But I do love that she is curious enough about me and what I do with her cage whenever I open the door that she comes over and looks at me like “hi, whatcha doin’? wormz? is it wormz? i’d like wormz plz!” I love her little face!! Happy, Amy-versary, little gecko!

And that wraps up the week! How did your week go?

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