2018 Catch the Moment – Week 7

This week seemed to go by quickly and slowly all at once. It’s kind of hard to believe everything that happened this past week all happened in the same week, if that makes any sense. I have felt a huge wide array of emotions all week long and instead of diving into that, I’ll just turn to some sweet happy photos, and maybe save the deeper thoughts for a separate post. I hope you enjoy this week’s photos! ~~

043 | Mon, Feb 12 ~ On Monday, a package came for Homer, which is always super exciting! It was a birthday present from Nonna! It’s a tracing table, and he wanted to try it out right away. It is so cute seeing him concentrate so intently, and compile his own items into the scene, by using the various items on the sheets. Super cool!

044| Tues, Feb 13 ~ I set up a photography backdrop at home and experimented with the lights and lens my awesome friend, Meander, loaned me. I decided to use myself as a test subject. It’s kinda blurry all around, but I still really like it!

045 | Wed, Feb 14 ~ I ended up doing the photo booth at Homer’s school a bit differently than I’d originally thought I might. Mostly because I didn’t use extra lighting, or the tripod. Tripod might’ve been good? But I’m SO excited with how the shots came out. Another parent brought props, and the kids went bananas and had such a blast posing with them! Here’s my shots of Homer that I got…

046 | Thurs, Feb 15 ~ Homer made Joe and me a Valentine!! I love it! And I’d say this one fits nicely with this week’s Catch the Moment theme, which is: Love !

047 | Fri, Feb 16 ~ Today was a super quiet day. Homer had the day off and we just hung around home, playing video games mostly. I also spent some time going through some old memorabilia that my mom had put in a box and recently gifted to me. It was bizarre going down memory lane! Even more bizarre because I don’t remember making most of what I found! Look at this hilarious gem! I like how “drugs” is a barrel of something red, and “doing drugs” is eagerly throwing the red stuff into his mouth. The expression of having regrets is probably my favorite part. And then, death. Or maybe he’s just really high..? I can’t even handle it. Oh, the 80s!

048 | Sat, Feb 17 ~ Today was Cinnamon and Garth’s Baby Sprinkle for their new baby soon to arrive in March. I got a few really fun photos, but this one is probably my favorite! Cinnamon with baby Donovan ~~

049 | Sun, Feb 18 ~ And then, Sunday was just a lazy Sunday… I took a photo from the ice dancing we watched on the Olympics, and a photo of the doodle I drew of Ashton ~

And that about sums up the week! How was your week? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “2018 Catch the Moment – Week 7”

    1. Thanks so much, Angie! Yeah Homer hasn’t played with the tracing table too much more, but heck, I think I’ll play with it if he doesn’t! haha! Thanks about the photo shoot and Ashton drawing too. The photo shoot was a lot of fun – first graders are hilarious! 🙂

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