2018 Catch the Moment – Week 6

Hello, hello! I am a bit late getting these up. Life’s been pretty busy as of late, with mostly good stuff, but sheesh I’ve been tired, too. Anyway, finally got myself organized and got last week’s photos up. And here they are!

036 | Mon, Feb 5 ~ When Homer decided he needed to play Just Dance, I knew I had to get a photo. He is so cute! I love when he dances.

037| Tues, Feb 6 ~ I absolutely love seeing Homer and Ashton snuggle on the couch! So sweet!

038 | Wed, Feb 7 ~ Taking a selfie with Ashton, and he reached up and kissed me! Ha!

039 | Thurs, Feb 8 ~ I took a walk! And took a selfie while out on said walk! I need to remember how good I feel when I walk and keep doing it more and more.

040 | Fri, Feb 9 ~ I hung up these awesome birthday decorations for my sweet kiddo at night (after midnight, so technically on his birthday ha!), and loved the way it all looked. And he loved it too, which was the most important part! It made me so happy to put it all up, knowing how big he would (and did) smile once he saw it! I can’t believe my baby boy is SEVEN years old, that is CRAZY!! Seven years of loving my sweet little guy. I feel so lucky to have him and be his mom!

041 | Sat, Feb 10 ~ Homer’s birthday party! This photo also works for the Catch the Moment theme, “Hobby” – Homer is holding his Nintendo Switch Joy Cons in his hand, and gaming is definitely a favorite hobby of his. He wanted to show everyone the Mario Odyssey game, since it was the theme of this year’s party!

042 | Sun, Feb 11 ~ And to finish out the week, a shot of sweet Ashton!

Hope you had a great week, too! I’ll be back in a few more days with this week’s photos. Until then, have a great week, and happy snapping! If you’re also doing photography, that is. If photography isn’t your jam, have fun doing whatever it is that you like to do!

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